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縣長介紹圖片 Name:Lee Chao-Ching
縣長介紹圖片 Education
  縣長介紹圖片 Master's Program at Department of Industrial Engineering,Tunghai University
  縣長介紹圖片 Associate Degree in Chemical Engineering, Cheng Shiu University
縣長介紹圖片 Work Experience
  縣長介紹圖片 Mayor of Nantou City
  縣長介紹圖片 Nantou County Councilor
  縣長介紹圖片 Director of Nantou County Community Service Center
  縣長介紹圖片 President of Nantou County Chingsi Association
  縣長介紹圖片 Chairperson of Nantou Croquet Committee
  縣長介紹圖片 President of Nantou County Chapter Friends of China Youth Corps
  縣長介紹圖片 President of Nantou Lions Club International
縣長介紹圖片 Goals of County Government
  縣長介紹圖片 Boost tourism and increase employment:making Nantou County a tourist capital.
  縣長介紹圖片 Smoothen traffic flow:Developing a countywide road network linking living districts in Nantou, establishing traffic information service  system, etc.
  縣長介紹圖片 Re-create a prosperous agricultural industry:Developing recreation and fine agriculture, and biotech agriculture;promoting cross-strait  economy and trade;integrating the sales and distribution channels for special agricultural products.
  縣長介紹圖片 Drive development through education:creating a warm and friendly school environment;raising respect and welfare for teacher, expanding the scope of cooperation with the Industrial Technology Research Institute and inviting the institute to set up an office in Nantou.
  縣長介紹圖片 Create a modern medical system:Fulfilling medical needs in rural regions and enhancing emergency medical services in indigenous areas.
  縣長介紹圖片 Regulate and manage river basins:Resolving the problems of gravel extraction and transportation completely.
  縣長介紹圖片 Improve social welfare and elderly service,placing emphasis on the rights and interests of indigenous peoples and minority groups.
  縣長介紹圖片 Improve information technology(IT) facilities.
  縣長介紹圖片 Maintain public security and healthy finance.
  縣長介紹圖片 Assist Nantou County citizens to manage their homelands sustainably after the 921 re-construction efforts.
  縣長介紹圖片 Respect the rights and interests of aboriginal

Modify Date:2012/4/11 (Nantou County Government)
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