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Theme Date
Taichung International Travel Fair Kickoff Vice County 2017/3/14
Giant 7-ton Rice Cake Shared with Worshippers with 2017/3/14
Nantou Lantern Festival to be the first to hold a grand open... 2017/2/13
The Broadened Nantou Expressway 25 is now open to traffic: 9... 2017/2/13
30,000 People Join the 2017 Nantou Night Countdown Parties: ... 2017/1/19
Gorgeous Samba Vigorously Comes on Stage in Fun Puli and it ... 2017/1/19
Collaborate for Tourism; Sun Moon Lake Enters into a Treaty ... 2016/12/27
800 Racers Make a Clever Move in Nantou in the 139 Cycling C... 2016/12/27
Grand Opening Ceremony of County Sports Competition Begins; ... 2016/11/16
President of Steamer Founded in Lake Biwa, Otsu City, Japan ... 2016/11/16
Nantou and City of Ipswich in Australia Become Sister Cities... 2016/10/17
Let the Tribal Residents Find Their Way home; Meiyuan Bridge... 2016/10/17
Sun Moon Lake and Lake Hamanako Enter into a Tourism Agreeme... 2016/9/19
Reevaluation on Nantou CM Premium Tea: CM Lin Announces the ... 2016/9/19
A Meeting for Deputy Magistrates from 4 Counties/Cities of T... 2016/8/15
Lin Ming-Chen Invited to a Speech in the Rotary Club; Lin Fi... 2016/8/15
First Hot Spring Town in Nantou Fuxing Farm Hot Spring Devel... 2016/8/15
Delicious Encounter between Pineapple Pastries and Coffee! O... 2016/8/15
A Beautiful Encounter between the Pineapple Cake and the Cof... 2016/6/14
County Government Went to the Four Countries in North Europe... 2016/6/14
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