Theme Thousands of People Swim across the Sun Moon Lake; County Mayor Ming-Chen Lin Takes the Lead of Top Executives and Jumps into the Water
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2016/10/17

    The annual international sport event to swim across the Sun Moon Lake started to receive applications on September 3 and 4, 2 days in a row for 2 working days. On the 3rd day, the competition team and the challenger team arrived at the event first. There were 90 candidates in the competition team. All candidates challenged the 5,000 meters pool track designed for long-time swimmers with the crawl stroke. Cheng-Chi Cho and Shi-Han Su both won the championships two years in a row for the boy or girl competition teams, respectively. On the other hand, there were 900 people to compete in this sport from the challenger team. On the 4th day, with the thousands of people who came to swim across the river, there were 20,718 candidates who came from 26 countries to join this event from the leisure team. Former president Ying-Jeou Ma, CM Ming-Chen Lin, and Deputy Magistrate Kuei-Chu Teng at Miaoli County fired the starting gun for the event. On top of that, CM Ming-Chen Lin also took the lead and jumped into water in front of former president Ying-Jeou Ma with the escort from county government executives who were also taking this challenge.

    CM Ming-Chen Lin, DM Cheng-Sheng Chen and DM Kuei-Chu Teng escorted former president Ying-Jeou Ma in heading to the Shueishe Wharf and releasing 10,000 fish fry for the president fish early in the morning. It is a symbolic move to show how the government cares about the conservation of native fish species in the Sun Moon Lake area. Afterwards, the opening ceremony was held after running through the pistol-shooting ritual. Guests included Counselor Jui Chou of the Ministry of Education, Director Chen-Chien Chang of the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration, Alderman Fang-Yu Lin, CTSA Board Director Tung-Hsiung Hsu and PFSA (Puli Four-season Swimming Association) Chairman Teng-Tsan Lin who all arrived and joined the event.

    CM Lin announced that there were about 20,718 people who joined the event. Among them, there were 175 the disabled friends and 944 foreigners who came for the event. The county government took the advice from elsewhere and suggested that the event should be held in 2 separate days by dividing the competition team and the leisure team. The county government would also make improvements and provide better environment for the event to swim across the river. He said thank you to all crew members for their hard work, and hoped that everyone should keep safe while swimming so that everyone can finally make it to swim across the Sun Moon Lake.

    Former president Ying-Jeou Ma finished the full course at 1:38:00, swimming across the Sun Moon Lake. Ma said this is his fourth time to jump into the water and take the challenge to swim across the Sun Moon Lake. He said he is very glad to enjoy swimming and jumping into the water with the other 20,000 candidates who also loved to swim. He also gave his advice to the county government and said that the event could be held more than just once in separate ways within a year so that more friends can join the event and enjoy great fun swimming in Sun Moon Lake.

    Among the disabled friends who joined the thousands of people swimming across the Sun Moon Lake event at first, the first one who reached land was Board Director Yung-Chieh Lai at TCBWA. It took him about 55 minutes to swim across the river, said Lai. After 2 months of training, he never thought about winning the championship for the very first time once he joined the event.

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