Theme 3,000 Candidates Challenge Wuling: Chi-Hung Li Wins the Championship for the Second Time in a Row at 2:46:57
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2016/10/17

    Entering the 11th year of the Taiwan Cycling Event "Never give up, and push your limits - Wuling Cycling Tour" on September 11, three thousand candidates gathered in front of the Geographic Center of the Taiwan Monument in Puli. After DM Cheng-Sheng Chen announced the start of race, they started to run in different groups and headed towards Wuling. Chi-Hung Li won the Wuling race championship in for the second time in a row at 2:46:57 within 2 years.

    DM Chen said the Wuling Cycling Tour is the most challenging tour in the eyes of the national cyclists, which was held along the most attractive cycling route. There were 2,847 male bikers and 153 female bikers who joined this event. In total, there were 3,000 candidates who decided to take the challenge. Nantou is a place with beautiful scenery. It’s great to have fun while challenging the self to go cycling along such a beautiful cycling route. However, it is advised that all participants should pay attention to their health during the course of this event. They are asked to take care of each other and encourage one another, and make sure to keep safety as a top priority.

    The event started at 5 am to avoid interrupting the local residents. The county government also avoids using the siren to start the race. Instead, a gesture and verbal communication were used as a substitute to announce when to start the race. The route starts at 555 meters above the sea level, counting from the Geographic Center of the Taiwan Monument. The final stop for its destination is set at 3,275 meters above sea level in Wuling. Candidates challenge themselves to finish the 55-kilometer long cycling route in a roll, which creates such a breathtaking picture of wonder.

    There were 63 candidates coming from 9 countries including Japan, Philippines, United States, China, Singapore, France, Hong Kong, Germany and United Kingdom who joined the event. Apparently, it is an international cycling tour. These foreign friends joined this challenging event with our Taiwanese friends and went cycling on the most beautiful expressway along the Central Cross-Island Highway at the highest altitude. They could go cycling along the route while taking in the beautiful landscape in the high mountain area. They couldn’t help but marvel at the natural wonders along the way.

    Chi-Hung Li is a cycling lover who is now 31 and came from Taipei and belonged to the iron man team. You can almost find him in every cycling tour around the islands in Taiwan. This June, he successfully conquered Ta-Ta-Chia in the “Never give up — discover the new cycling tour on the Central Cross-Island Highway” and won the championship. This time, he challenged Wuling once again and won the championship at 2:46:57. The visitors who were at the present site all became his fans. They asked him to have a picture with them. Chi-Hung Li said he moved on steadily by reserving his strength and power as usual after making a breakthrough in event ahead of the cycling group. Today the weather is nice so it is rather easy and relaxing to ride on his bike.

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