Theme Jiuzheng Interchange at National Highway No. 6 Opened to Traffic; Caotun Traffic Makes Everyone “Super Happy”
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2016/11/16

    It cost about 0.34 billion to build the Jiuzheng Interchange at National Highway No. 6. It was opened to traffic on September 28 as planned. It relieves the pressure of traffic on National Highway No.6 during holidays. Besides, commuters from northern Caotun and southern Wufeng would most likely benefit from it. CM Lin Ming-Chen went to inspect the site on October 3. Thanks to the hard work of the engineering unit, it now allows the local people to benefit from the newly built interchange. CM Lin said the Jiuzheng Interchange would bring people in the Caotun area a lot of convenience for this traffic development. The locale people can drive on the freeway nearby, which can save them a lot of commuting time.

    The construction of the Jiuzheng Interchange at National Highway No. 6 was built under CM Lin when he served as a legislator. It was a construction project that he fought for with legislator Ma Wen-Jun and others. They supervised the entire construction project starting from scratch, and now it has been opened to traffic. CM Lin was deeply touched. He said that the Jiuzheng Interchange could only lead to Puli through one-way traffic. Such a design is not perfect. During his time serving as the legislator, he asked the central government and fought for a bilateral highway for the new construction of the Jiuzheng Interchange at National Highway No. 6. The interchange can lead to Puli when going to the east. It can reach Taichung and other places when going to the west. He finally makes this dream come true to build the construction project after all these years.

    CM Lin said after the Jiuzheng Interchange was opened to traffic, it brings much convenience for residents who live in Caotun. The local people who live in downtown area in Caotun can simply drive on the highway rather than driving long away to the interchange between Caotun and Fenyuan Township in Changhua. They can now just drive across the Wuxi Bridge, and drive from National Highway No. 6 to National Highway No.3.

    Construction Office Director Huang Yi-Yan at Zone 2 of Taiwan Area National Expressway Engineering Bureau and Director Zhuo Gao-Rui of Taichung Branch said the construction project of Jiuzheng Interchange at National Highway No.6 started to operate in November, 2014. It took about 642 working or calendar days. It should be completed on August 7 this year. This construction project not just reduces the time for regional transportation, but also increases the operational efficiency. For regional industries, it allows closer integration with the development found in Nantou and Taichung area.

    Director Zhuo pointed out that there is a high volume in the transportation and traffic at National Highway No.6 during the holidays. It’s easily to get stuck in traffic. It just so happened that the Caotun Jiuzheng Interchange provides a channel to relieve the traffic. Since Jiuzheng Interchange is now connected to Provincial Highway 3, it can also lead to Zhuengtou Expressway, or connects to Taichung city. It brings more benefits to the local development in southern Wufeng.

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