Theme Nantou Global Tea Expo Attracts 0.4 Million Visitors with Soft Power; Central Government Hopes to Build a Spotlight for Global Tourism
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2016/11/16

    “2016 Nantou Global Tea Expo” came on stage in Jhongsing Village on October 8. It ended up with a perfect ending in the afternoon on the 16th day of October. Within these 9 days, the government exerted its power to be creative, and presented 22 activities in a perfect manner, which has generated about 0.4 million visitors to join in. Its gross revenue is about 45 million NT dollars. It not just creates another high peak of the tea industry in Nantou County, but also shows people the soft power of this county.

    The Tea Expo this year adopted “Lohas Taste it slowly” as its main topic. In addition to the tea event and the tea panning that hosts a thousand people, there will be a folk song live show held on the green, green grass outside the sport field. It changed the location for holding the tea cup event last year to a new outdoor place, which allows people to experience another way of drinking tea outdoors.

    CM Lin Ming-Chen said that this event was quite a successful on by the end of the closing ceremony. It not only proofs that the tea business in Nantou can prosper and develop quite well, but also reveals how the Taiwan tea can complete with other brands on the global stage. The government would plan early last year to make the event even better and shining than this year so it can attract more people and crowds to consume in the tourism industry.

    The sales center can be divided into the quality tea sales center, the starry hygiene-and-safety tea manufacturing sales center, coffee sales center, and speciality sales center. Each center can exert its full potential to satisfy the customer’s needs. Each sales center is like a marketplace full of crowds.

    The Agriculture Department of the county government said it hopes to create more business opportunities and increase the income of the tea peasants through this activity. Besides, the government also gives some instructions to traditional agriculture farmers for a business transformation. It reinforces brand marketing to increase the local tea peasants’ competitiveness in marketplace in Nantou so as to reach its goal. On the other hand, the government showcases the featuring tea from every country to display a diversified tea culture at the global expo. It further reveals the true content of the Taiwan tea culture, and increase the visibility and exposure to media for the Taiwan tea.

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