Theme Awarded with 11 Gold Medals in the National Language Coontest, Nantou Can Be Compared Favorably with the 6 Cities: County Government Applauds the Awarded Winners
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/1/19

    The distance between the urban and suburban areas should not be a problem. As long as one puts a lot of effort in the competition, anyone can make the grade! With limited resources, the national language competition team on behalf of the Nantou County once again made the grade by sticking to its philosophy of endless creativity. The team won 11 gold medals, ultimate spiritual trophy and a team progressive award to make further progress. They won both the second prize and their achievements can be compared favorably with the 6 cities. It fully reveals the county soft power in education.

    The county government wanted to give praise to the dedication and long-term cultivation of the candidate and instructor. It held an awards ceremony on the 4th floor at the hospitality and tourism building of the Tung Der Home Economics and Commercial Vocational High School (TDVS) on Dec. 22nd. Secretary-General Hung, Jui-Chih was the host of that day. TDVS Chairman Hsieh, Chao-Hung, Principal Lin, Yuan-Kuei, Wu-Yu Senior High School Principal Kang, Ming-Chung and many principals from junior high or elementary schools all arrived at the scene to attend the ceremony. Secretary-General Hung encouraged and lauded the candidate and the instructor by giving them a positive feedback on their hard-work and success. He also bestowed the prize to the Top 6 winners of this competition one by one. It was a simple yet grand event.

    Secretary-General Hung said in this competition, the 6 cities all have their respective advantages to have the resource they need at hand. Each city assigned 2 teams to join the competition. Although the Nantou County does not have much resources like the 6 cities, the team together with its 23 candidates that represented this county won the Top 6 awards and was quite successful in such achievement. From this team, there are 11 people who outperformed the others and won a Top 1 honor for each item. Once again, they received the spiritual trophy and a team progressive award taking a big step forward this year. Our county won the second prize in the national awards and was ranked Top 11 in the final team score of counties or cities, which can be compared favorably with the 6 cities. No one should look down on our soft or hard skills. We have created a new milestone for the national language competition of this county so we are definitely worth it for a positive feedback.

    The 3-day national language contest finally came to an end a few days ago at the National Miaoli Senior High School, Private Chien-Tai Senior High School and Miaoli County Wen-Hua Elementary School. There were 1,896 competitors from 28 teams, who specialize in language, coming over together to join the competition to win the prize by showing people what they got. The competition covers 5 items including public speech, recitation, composition, calligraphy, and Chinese Orthography and Phonology. Here are some languages currently available - Mandarin Chinese, Taiwanese, Taiwanese Hakka dialect and aboriginal dialects.

    After the end of the ceremony, an exchange seminar was held. From their practical experiences, they shared the ideas found during group training, to talk about how an instructor builds up professionalism or how long it takes for the students to find the way to hone their personal skills as well as some methods to keep each other company. It allows the instructors to enthusiastically run a discussion. There was a lot of conversation going on at the scene.

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