Theme Zhuo-an Choir of Min He Junior High School won the triple championship. Magistrate Lin expects them to glorify Taiwan
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/8/9

    Zhuo-an Choir of Min He Junior High School at Shuili Township participated in the 2016 National Student Music Contest, and won outstanding awards in the categories of indigenous language, East Asian language, and women’s group. To share their joy, they have held 4 concerts consecutively at a church in their tribe. On June 15, Magistrate Lin, Ming-Chen and all the teachers and students sponsored a special concert. Magistrate Lin was deeply touched by the dedication of these young people, and honored them in person at the school. He also presented them with the “equipment purchase subsidization” at the value of NT$ 98,000.

    “We would like to sing to the magistrate and would like him to know that we have worked very hard to let Nantou be honored.” Magistrate Lin expressed that with the instruction of Chuan, Wen-Cheng, the principal, and Chang, Yu-Shan, a teacher, Zhuo-an Choir performed outstandingly in the National Student’s Music Contest. It is hoped that in the future, Yuan-xian Choir and Zhuo-an Choir can have the opportunity to cooperate to spread the beautiful indigenous music. Walking out of Taiwan, they are enthusiastic in standing on an international stage.

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