Theme The First after the Six Capitals – Nantou County Government won the “Outstanding Award” for Enterprise-Establishing by Government Institutions
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/8/9

    On June 16, the Ministry of Finance held the “2017 Private Sector’s Participation in Public Construction Enterprise-Establishing Meeting.” Nantou County was granted the “Outstanding Award for 2016 Enterprise-Establishing by Government Institutions.” Magistrate Lin, Ming-Chen went to Taipei, and received the award himself. Magistrate Lin expressed that the county government will try its best to conduct things beneficial to the economic growth of Nantou.

    Magistrate Lin expressed that in 2016, Nantou County conducted tenders for various public construction projects, including land development and the management plans of Dagang Section 106 and 107 national land, and the BOT case of major Sightseeing and Leisure Facilities on land in Peacock Park and Sun Moon Lake. The total worth of private investment was NT$6,625,693,495, including the sum of NT$ 1,881,960,000 and NT$4,743,720,000 respectively. The sum topped the other counties and cities other than the six capitals. It is the support of the county government team and county council that rendered this award possible. It is believed that with the completion of these development projects, it will not only bring more income to the county government, but also more opportunities to local young people. In short, the investments will certainly promote local economic growth.

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