Theme Yuen Meng Company’s charity act – Donated a service car to the Water Rescue Team in Mingjian
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/8/11

    Cheng, Mu-Kuei, the President of Yuan Meng Construction Company, was once a Branch Head of the Volunteer Firemen Office. He deeply felt the recuse work to be tough and difficult. After the Fengming Branch and Shuanwen Branch of the Volunteer Firemen Office, he donated a rescue vehicle “Yuan Chang 3” to the water rescue team in Mingjian. The donation ceremony was held on June 28. The president of the company and Cheng Hsien-hsin, the General Manager of Yuan Chang Transportation Company, represented the group to donate the vehicle. Magistrate Lin, Ming-Chen received the donation and responded to the donors with the greatest gratitude.

    Magistrate Lin expressed that Mingjian Water Rescue Team is the only water rescue team in Taiwan. It guards the safety along Zhuoshui River, Wu River, and more. He expressed his thanks to president Cheng for his charity and feedback to the society to help protect the safety and property of folks in the county. He also expects president Cheng’s charity act to be an exemplar that motivates more enterprise to contribute more to society with love.

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