Theme Meeting of Heads of 4 Counties Held in Nantou to Promote Uniform Birth Incentives System
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2016/9/19

    A Meeting of the Heads of 4 Counties was held at the commerce expo center in Nantou County on August 16 to deal with the regional governance platform issue of midland Taiwan. Nantou CM Lin Ming-Chen, Changhua CM Wei Ming-Ku, Taichung City Mayor Lin Chia-Lung, and Miaoli Deputy Magistrate Teng Kuei-Chu co-hosted the event. Besides passing the 24 projects, which include 11 collaborative projects and 13 proposals as they asked the central government, the 4 heads of government stressed the importance to unify the standards for birth and childcare issuance of incentive and perfect the childcare system.

    CM Lin highlighted this in this proposal. Speaking of the traffic congestion issue on National Highway 6 (NH6) and NH3, it could result in an increased traffic flow on holidays on the way to Sun Moon Lake or other famous scenic spots on NH6. In addition, the traffic is said to converge at NH3 so that the interchange of the two highways has become a typical spot of traffic congestion. It greatly affects the traffic of 3 counties. Thus, the heads of the 4 counties hoped that they can ask for support from the Central Government to take advantage of the extended Taiwan Zhuengtou Expressway for solving the problem. Regarding this, City Mayor Lin said he agrees on this joint project of improvement to ask for support from the Central Government.

    CM Lin also pointed out that each county or city government has not come up with a standard for the childbirth subsidy yet. It all depends on the budgeting released by each local government based on its financial status and often results in a gap among the local governments. It greatly affects the urban-rural gap. Thus, it is suggested that the Central Government should build and perfect the childcare system as well as promoting the system across the nation. It allows people from various places to feel the same way as they receive social welfare in different counties or cities.

    As for the unified system for childbirth and childcare subsidy, the heads of the other 3 counties all gave a thumbs-up to this proposal. CM Wei pointed out that Changhua county government proposed a generous subsidy for childbirth and childcare to decrease the problem like population emigration and low birth rate. However, on one hand, the local government has limited financial resources; on the other hand, all regions should share similar social welfare benefits without much difference. Thus, hopefully the Central Government can come up with the Basic Social Welfare Act to unify the childbirth subsidy system.

    City Mayor Lin said the Taichung city government also released the Central Taiwan Pass to collaborate with 4 counties, working on the joint project. It allows visitors to travel around central Taiwan with the Day Pass at hand. Meanwhile, visitors can make extensive use of the pass to take a Taichung Bus to Tsaotun in Nantou County, or Yuanli in Miaoli County. It allows Taichung Citizen and people from the nearby counties or cities to make good use of the pass at their convenience.

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