Theme Let the Tribal Residents Find Their Way home; Meiyuan Bridge Officially Launched in Ren'ai Township is Open to Traffic
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2016/10/17

    The Meiyuan Bridge was finally launched in Ren’ai Township after its construction completion. The tribal elders said with excitement that they don’t have to worry about mudslides anymore. They can finally find their way home to the village safe and sound! CM Ming-Chen Lin was escorted by the Chief of the Indigenous Peoples Bureau (IPB) Tzu-Hsiao Chang, and headed toward Ren’ai Township to be the host of the ceremony of the newly-built Meiyuan Bridge, which was opened to traffic in Xinsheng village on September 13. Deputy Director Cheng-Wen Chang of the Economic Development Office of IPB, Council Member Wen-Hsien Liao, Ching-Shui Shih, Ching-Lung Shih, Fang-Yu Lin, A-Kan Hsu, Tzu-Sheng Chien and Township Mayor Tzu-Hsin Chiang all arrived and attended the ceremony. Village Chief Chih-Cheng Hsieh from the Xinsheng Village also led the village elders and residents in attending the ceremony. The ceremony was attended by lots of people and large crowds.

    CM Lin said the Meiyuan Bridge was built across the Beigang River. It used to be the main route to connect Xinsheng Village and Hujhu Village with the outside world. It was also the main road for transportation and agricultural production between both villages. For years, the upstream of Beigang River has brought lots of rocks and stones over here because of the torrential rains and mudslides, which resulted in severe silt deposits down the riverbank near the Meiyuan Bridge. The siltation was almost as high as the road on bridge. Besides, the floods would shake the bridge roadbed during the flooding period. It looks so dangerous, which not only results in halting the village traffic, but also causes a great risk to life and security. It makes the village an isolated island apart from the outside world. The county government actively fought for a funding of 450 million to rebuild the bridge for the IPB. It allowed for smoother traffic between both villages, and brought more people into the village to create new opportunities for the local business and its tourism development.

    Deputy Director Chang said he was glad to see the launching of the new Meiyuan Bridge. Hopefully, it can make the life for the locals’ life even more convenient. There are plenty of places to rebuild in the village, especially the bridge, which is the most important instrument for the primitive tribal villages. It carries the basic needs for local transportation and agricultural production. IPB has been seriously considering the bridge to this point. Although some people think that the roads and bridges will destroy the forest and mountains, it should also be a good interchange for the primitive village and local people as long as the soil and water conservation is carried out properly. It could be a good way to promote local development in the tribal villages.

    The newly -built Meiyuan Bridge started its construction since November 16, 2015, and ended up its construction on August 2, 2016. The construction period takes about 9 months. Its bridge is 132 meters in length and 6 meters in width designed with a pre-stressed beam bridge structure. The protecting fence bar was merged with the aboriginal totem elements with a beautiful and rigid style. CM Lin and several council members started the ribbon-cutting ritual together that day for this aboriginal ceremony. It symbolizes a moment for the Meiyuan Bridge open to traffic, and allows the village residents to find their way home safer. It also connects the gate to watch the cherry in full blossom in an area around 100 hectares in the mysterious land. The bridge creates a scenic spot for tourism in Nantou once again, promoting the local business in the tribal villages.

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