Theme Nantou and City of Ipswich in Australia Become Sister Cities; Hope to Promote Bilateral Economic, Industrial, and Educational Exchanges
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2016/10/17

    Nantou County and Australia Queensland City of Ipswich became the sister cities on September 21 on the 7th Floor at International Conference Hall in the county government. CM Ming-Chen Lin and Mayor of Ipswich City Paul Pisasale entered into a contract for a treaty together. Alderman Ching-Hsien Chien and CEO Jim Lisdsay at the City of Ipswich witnessed this historical event. The City of Ipswich has become the 6th sister city of Nantou. Both parties hope that they can have more interaction through exchange in terms of economy, industry, and education.

    CM Lin said the City of Ipswich was on the Top 7 Smart City List on the US list in 2015 for its extraordinary digital technology capability. It is an excellent city to live in since the community, the economy, and every other aspect were taken into account. By this treaty, both governments would learn from each other’s strength to promote close collaboration and exchange in terms of its cultural education, economy, tourism, and agriculture. It can be a great chance to promote the development of both counties and cities.

    Mayor Paul Pisasale of the City of Ipswich has come to Taiwan to visit several times. He is very impressed by Nantou, and pointed out that there are many people coming from Taiwan to travel, do the part-time job on vacation, or study abroad in Australia. Therefore, he is impressed by the amicability and hard-working nature of the Taiwan people. This time he came to Nantou, he found the landscape is beautiful, and the people are nice and friendly, which shares a lot of common with the City of Ipswich and is similar in terms of its goal of development. He hopes that after entering into the contract, he can fight for the utmost benefits for the people in all fields from the both sides.

    On the day of entering into the contract, Mayor Paul Pisasale of the City of Ipswich first led his escorting team members to head towards the county mayor chamber to visit CM Lin. CM Lin was very kind to invite Mayor Pisasale and his crew to have a cup of coffee made in Guoxing Village. Everyone enjoyed the coffee and gave a thumb up. Mayor Paul Pisasale even pointed out the coffee can be the key-point specialty for bilateral exchange. After that, the ceremony for the treaty was held on the 7th floor at the International Conference Hall. Alderman Ching-Lung Shih, Ching-Shui Shih, Wen-Chun Huang, and Chun-Ting Chien, and Director Jung-Kuo Huang at the Central Office of Ministry of Foreign Affairs all arrived at the present site and witnessed the historical event. CM Lin exchanged souvenirs with Mayor Paul Pisasale of the City of Ipswich as well.

    After arriving at Nantou on the 20th day, Mayor Paul Pisasale of the City of Ipswich and his crew visited Nantou Shiuhkuang Senior High School and other senior high schools. He hoped that they can think a way to work on the international student exchange program in future. After entering into the contract, they would stay in Nantou till the 23rd day, and visited the Sun Moon Lake, Sitou, and other scenic spots so they can get a full picture of the tourism and specialties of local industry in the Nantou County.

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