Theme President of Steamer Founded in Lake Biwa, Otsu City, Japan Meets the County Government to Talk about a Friendly Amicable Treaty
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2016/11/16

    In Japan, President of Steamer Kawabe Yoshiyuki and his crew from the Shiga Prefecture where the business was located in Lake Biwa, Otsu City went to visit the county government on October 20. Together there were 4 of them who were invited by Secretary General Hong Rui-Zhi on behalf of the government. Both parties would discuss matters and exchange ideas about how to enter into an amicable treaty at the Ferries & Boats Trade Association in this county on November 26. Hopefully, they can wrap up the contract event smoothly, which may enable a closer friendly relationship between Japan and Taiwan through a cultural exchange.

    General Secretary Hong welcomed the arrival of the President Kawabe and his escorts to Nantou County. Hong also confirmed that he agreed with all their efforts to make the amicable treaty possible. As for the amicable treaty to be signed with a private organization, the county government certainly would give a thumb up on the matter and wish it would be a success. General Secretary Hong said that this would be a good start. The county government would give full supports and assistance to it.

    President Kawabe said the association would sign in the amicable treaty with Nantou Ferries & Boats Trade Association at the Sun Moon Lake on November 26 that day. It’s such an honor to exchange ideas with Nantou County. After entering into an amicable partnership, they would promote the tea in Japan, and recommend Nantou and Sun Moon Lake to the people in Japan so more people can get to know about this place. Hopefully, both parties can expand the scope of partnership and bilateral relations in future, get to know each other and interact with each other, and bring more business into the travel marketplace on both sides.

    Tourism Department of the county government pointed out that President Kawabe has been to Nantou several times for talking about the how to settle the amicable treaty. He is very serious about building up an alliance between both parties. He talked about business and discussed all details with the Ferries & Boats Trade Association during his trip to Taiwan. He also paid a visit to the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration and other government units to look for administrative help from all sectors. He hopes he could make things go smoothly so that the contract event would be quite successful.

    Lake Biwa is the largest lake in Japan, which occupies an area of 670 square kilometers. Its average depth of water is 41 meters depth. The source of the lake mostly comes from the surrounding mountain area. The water supply can be used for the living water for daily use, irrigation, and electricity generation for people who live in the Keihanshin area. The ecology in the water is so ample that it has been called the treasure vault of fresh water fish in Japan.

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