Theme Grand Opening Ceremony of County Sports Competition Begins; CM Lin Encourages Everyone to Do More Exercise
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2016/11/16

    An opening ceremony for the 64th County Sports Competition was held by the county government at the County Stadium on October 29. The event began in a roaring drum sound of greeting guests made by the drum group at Yanfeng Elementary School. Next parade was led by each town chief with a group of athletes from 13 towns and cities in sequence. The parade passed through the platform to accept the review of CM Lin Ming Chen. The county staffs also constitute the Unity Team, Boom Team, Peace Team, Land Administration Team, Civic Administrative Team, Police Bureau Team, and Fire Bureau to engage everyone in and show the vitality and passion of teamwork of the county government.

    The admission ceremony of the flag begins with the flag-guarding team from National Chung-Hsing Senior High School. The torch relay event starts with two athletes —national representative of the tug of war team Lin Xuan-Yu and female wrestling candidate Zheng Yu-Han—one came in from the south gate and the other ran in from the north gate. After paying homage to guests on the platform, they ran directly to the torch tower and release fireworks, which officially launched the 64th county sports competition.

    CM Lin said the topic of this county sports competition this year is known as the “Tourism Capital, Happiness in Nantou”. Starting from the 29th, there would be a 3-day tournament. Hopefully, there will be more people to join the sports game to keep the body healthy through this campaign of sports events. There will be a total of 7,339 candidates to participate in the event. For the jury group of the assembly and its crew, there will be 1,800 people to participate in the service. There are 34 items in the competition in total, and 29 locations were used as the competition field. There is also a very popular event held for the rice tasting game, which may host more than 10 thousand people. It shows that the popularity in Nantou County loves sports, which creates a positive atmosphere.

    During the sports competition, CM Lin also gave praise to the 10 candidates who were recruited as the national team members and won a golden medal at the Asian Women's Softball Championship. He gave a thumb up for their brilliant performance. CM Lin pointed out that most of the sports candidates of this county have excellent performance in all kinds of domestic or foreign competitions in the last 2 years. The county government has issued an incentive of 20 million NT dollars last year. He hopes that all sports candidates can keep on working hard and practicing diligently to fight for glory on behalf of this county.

    The assembly also held an event for the rice tasting game that may host more than 10 thousand people at the plaza in front of the stadium. There would be gourmet made of quality rice, specialties, and aboriginal exotic food available to all inside the county. The government provided guests, candidates, and the crew with great food to enjoy. It also invited a band to do a live show, which completely reveals the local feature of gourmet culture.

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