Theme Gorgeous Samba Vigorously Comes on Stage in Fun Puli and it Begins with a Flower Carnival in Nantou
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/1/19

    The 2016 Flower Carnival in Nantou known as the “Gorgeous Samba in Fun Puli and Aromatic-White-Rice— an Industrial Tour to the Hakka village through affiliate marketing to promote the event on home ground” was officially launched on the local streets in Puli on Dec. 17th. More than 40 teams dressed up and joined the parade along the street. Deputy CM Chen, Cheng-Sheng and Puli Town Mayor Chou, Yi-Hsiung joined a costume play to act as the military officer and Captain Hook, respectively, to lead more than 40 teams to parade along the street. They announced that the “Gorgeous Samba in the Fun Puli Parade” had just started. Deputy CM Chen also invited people in Taiwan to come to Puli and be his guest. Everyone is invited to stroll along the town and taste the gourmet foods, and take a hot spring bath, or hang around the Hakka village.

    Legislator Ma, Wen-Chun, County Council Member Wu, Kuo-Chang, Wang, Tsai-Yun, Lin, Fang Yu, and Hsu, A-Kan all joined the costume play as well. People from the Beilun District, Ningbo City, China even booked a travel group to come here to observe how to do it. The event started when the rumbling sound of the war drum filled the air. The teams arrived at the parade one by one to decorate the street with their passionate dancing moves and music, and the street suddenly became a performing arts hall. The passionate town’s people and tourists who were attracted by its fame swarmed into the local street in Puli. Kids were thrilled as they moved their bodies with the music. The town looks very crowded with exciting people!

    Deputy CM Chen said the “Gorgeous Samba in the Fun Puli Parade” successfully brings everyone in the town together in Puli. It also combines the local features with diversified culture to present the diversity and creative lifestyle in Puli, which follows the local customs. It is a very successful marketing campaign. They have incorporated the Hakka elements into local industry this year to enrich the campaign in a more creative way. Hopefully, the government can continue to hold such a cultural campaign featuring the Puli style, which can attract more tourists to come and visit the place because of its fame and to join in the fun.

    The event started from 1pm. The teams would gather in front of the Nan Gwang Elementary School for the parade on Zhongzheng Rd. in Puli Township. The marching band of the Affiliated Senior High School of National Chi-Nan University (PSHS), the Chi-Tien war drum and marching band of the National Puli Industrial Vocational Senior School (PLVS) and the marching band of Hung Jen Junior High School (HJJH) took turns in starting the event. The street parade was officially launched at 2pm. The Samba drum team, the African drum team, the monocycle team, the rollerblading team and the Samba dance girls took turns to do their performance with passion. People were thrilled at the scene. By the Renai Park, there was a booth set beside the hall to exhibit local products made in “Puli, Guoxing, Yuchih and Renai townships” inside the Hakka village through affiliated marketing. There were all kinds of flower fairs available to all so the tourists who attended this event can feel the passion of the local people in Puli by experiencing the exceptional industry found in the nearby towns.

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