Theme 30,000 People Join the 2017 Nantou Night Countdown Parties: CM Lin Gives Special Thanks to All the Support from his Fellow Countrymen
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/1/19

    The county government held the night countdown parties at 7pm on Dec. 31st. The parties came on stage at the county stadium and Cingjin, respectively. There were more than 30,000 people swarming into the space to passionately join the party. Every moment is full of the bustling crowds from the beginning to the end of the party. It has received great popularity. CM Lin, Ming-Chen led the whole team of the county government to enjoy this happy moment with the county people throughout the entire party. They stayed up all night together and joined the countdown for the coming 2017 as the star entertainers took turns to perform on stage one by one.

    CM Lin said the poll on satisfaction of his administrative implementation was ranked as Top 9 on his second year as county mayor. The county people happiness index was ranked as Top 6 in this country. He wanted to give special thanks for the full support of his fellow countrymen on behalf of the county government. The county government would work harder and harder to offer more job opportunities for the young people to get hired smoothly.

    In the night countdown party, cross-generational entertainers were invited to do their performance on stage including Heat from the Honey Time, famous singer Michelle Pan from The Violet Band, Tu Pei-Tsen, Super Idol Meeia of Pink Tank, Z-Chen, and the Demon King R-tina from Top Singers, North-Taiwan Mountain Cat, Yithion Aboriginal Culture and Arts Group and the JUK Dance Studio. They went to 2 places to do their performance that day. One was the county stadium and the other is a place in Cingjing. There was plenty of machinery that can make artificial snow at the scene in Cingjing. The artificial snow flakes kept falling down from heaven, which creates a climax for the entire event. The EDM Godfather in Taiwan, Jerry Lo, tried to entertain the folks on the stage performance, which makes people at the scene very thrilled. He impressed all the people who attended the party through his training education. With the people off-stage, they created the most shaking electric dance music at this snow party in Taiwan. Together, they made some noise that reached the sky in a starry night in Cingjing.

    At 10pm, the countdown party held in the county stadium tried to connect with the party in Cingjing. CM Lin especially invited the chief executives who worked at the county government to go on stage. They did sing a song called “My Future is Not a Dream” with the guests together and created the first climax at the party. CM Lin also encouraged the youth in Nantou to keep working hard and dare to dream big.

    By 12am, there were more people at the scene. The parties held in the county stadium and Cingjing were so crowded. CM Lin and Deputy CM Chen, Cheng-Sheng started the countdown with the people from both sides together simultaneously. Finally in the last 10 seconds, the people were thrilled even more as they counted down. Finally, they officially made it to move on to the coming 2017. There was a 5-minute fireworks show displayed at the party in Cingjing, which painted the sky even more colorfully in Cingjing.

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