Theme Cingjing Skywalk launched into operation officially. Advance booking has already earned income of more than NT$ 1 million
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/6/22

    The tallest and longest “Cingjing Skywalk” in Taiwan was launched into operation on May 27. Former President Ma Ying-jeou and County Mayor Lin Mingchen cut the ribbon in the opening ceremony. They also walk over the skywalk once. Along the way, the cloud and mist floated around, impressing Former President Ma, who acclaimed that it was amazing and gorgeous. He even used “unprecedented in the world” to describe magnificent landscape along this bridge.

    To control the quality of visiting and crowds, the county government took the lead in advance booking with smartphone apps and online. There number of visitors were limited to 2000 in the morning and 2000 in the afternoon. Former President Ma and County Mayor Lin scanned the QRCODE with their smartphones to complete checking the tickets. Online booking proved to be effective. On the first day of the opening of the skywalk, everything was in good order. Visitors could enjoy high quality trips on the skywalk, without queuing for hours.

    County Mayor Lin expressed that in order to allow visitors to watch the Green Green Grassland clearly and safely, the county government had secured funds from the Central Government to build this skywalk. After the completion and operation of phase 1 of the project, with the total length of 1.2km; phase 2 construction project, with the total length of 0.8km, had already been contracted and is hoped to be completed by the end of this year. In addition, the county government intended to solve the long-term problem of traffic jams at Cingjing, it had planned to build three parking towers, trying to secure funds from the Forward-Looking Infrastructure Plan promoted by the Central Government. County Mayor Lin expressed the since the opening of online booking, people had already bought more than 40 thousand tickets, with the income of more than NT$ 1 million.

    In the opening ceremony, the little friends of Dai people were invited to perform Baiyi Dance. Legislator Ma Wen-chun, County Council Member Lin Fang-yu, Liao Wen-hsien, Mayor Chiang Tzu-hsin of Renai Township, General Manager Chien Shin-feng of Cingjing Farm, Director Wei Chen-yu of Cingjing Tourism Association, Chairperson Peng Cheng-yu of Nantou Hotel and Tourism Association were invited to cut the ribbon together.

    Cingjing Skywalk is disabled-access friendly in design throughout the way, connecting the Cingjing Guest House to Green Green Grassland. Along the skywalk, there are 6 observation decks, where visitors can overlook the Central Mountains and Cilai Mountain. After buying tickets online or with APP, all you need to do is to have the QRCODE in your smartphone scanned to enter the skywalk. In addition, Nantou Bus (; 049-2984031) customer service: also provides shuttle service during weekends and holidays (extra bus fare NT$20/person) to free you from getting caught in traffic jams.

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