Theme Supervision Committee members inspected Yuchi Township and accepted complaints in order to learn more about the production-marketing assistance of black tea and the promotion of the production of orig
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/8/11

    On June 29, Deputy Magistrate Chen Chen-sheng accompanied the supervisory committee members Li, Yue-Te and Chen, Tsai-Ching of the Control Yuan to visit Yuchi Township Office, and conducted the 3rd inspections, group 6 of the 2016 regional institutions inspection. In addition to accepting 5 complaints from the people, it also listened to the briefing on the 2017 quality farmland additive value plan promoted Yuchi Township Farmers’ Association and Yuchi Township Office, and the matters of promotion of the black tea production area badge. They expressed high assurance on the close connection between the township office and farmers’ association in helping tea farmers promote the black tea industry.

    Deputy Director Chen expressed that the supervisory committee members insisted on visiting the country. The township mayor Chen, Chin-Lun particularly pointed out the difficulties in the implementation of the polices of the Council of Agricultural Affairs on the black tea industry. He hoped that the supervisory committee members would file and investigate their appeal. Forwarding the results to the Council of Agricultural Affairs, it is possible to open up a door for them. Considering they are not violating the guidelines for afforestation, they can help legalized tea farmers, and let them cultivate international grade black tea.

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