Theme Sun Moon Lake and Lake Hamanako Enter into a Tourism Agreement
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2016/9/19

    Sun Moon Lake and Lake Hamanako in Hamamatsu City, Shizuoka Prefecture of Japan has entered into an amicable agreement at the Fleur de Chine hotel on August 28, 2016. The related associations that represent both parties signed the contract based on 4 domains including tourism, travel, cable cars and yachts. CM Lin-Ming Chen, Director Chang Chen-Chien at the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration, and Governor of Shizuoka Prefecture in Japan, Heita Kawakatsu were the person(s) in charge who witnessed and participated in this ceremony.

    At the luncheon meeting, CM Lin prepared the famous wine in Puli, “Huadiao Rice Wine” aged 20 years and invited Heita Kawakatsu to open the rice wine bottle together, and celebrate this historical moment. CM Lin said in order to strengthen the development of the tourism industry in Sun Moon Lake and Lake Hamanako he will use this protocol as a basis for future collaboration to show real cooperation by degrees between both governments through reciprocal marketing and promotions. It can attract more foreign or domestic visitors to come and visit this place.

    Heita Kawakatsu said anyone can easily see the top 3 characteristic landscapes in Japan — Mt. Fuji, Cherry Blossoms, and Super Express Shinkansen from Lake Hamanako. It is worth it travelling there. Lake Hamanako and Sun Moon Lake have so much in common. Both lakes are beautiful and gorgeous with plenty of resources like tourism, culture, ecology, and hot springs. Heita Kawakatsu even invited CM Lin to visit Lake Hamanako in the future to taste the famous Teriyaki Eel Rice and fresh oysters.

    Heita Kawakatsu said in order to respond to the thousands of people swimming across the Sun Moon Lake on September 4, he sent Director of Shizuoka Prefecture Taiwan Office Teizo Miyazaki to join the swimming event. He also joined the 2016 Sun Moon Lake International Fireworks & Music and Cycling Festival, and introduced the tourism feature at Lake Hamanako, gourmet, and specialities to more people. Therefore, more Taiwanese people are allowed to get to know the beauty of Lake Hamanako.

    Director Chang Chen-Chien at the Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration said each year around 3.5 million people will take a flight from Taiwan and travel to Japan. Around 1.6 million people will take a flight from Japan and travel to Taiwan. People from both countries frequently interact with each other. Chang hopes both governments are able to trigger visitors’ interest to travel more by taking advantage of this amicable agreement.

    The Tourism Department of the County Government said the Tenryu Hamanako railway also known as the Hamanako Rail and TRA Jiji Line have become sister railways after signing a contract on the 27th. Lake Hamanako and Sun Moon Lake entered into an amicable agreement on the 28th, which shows a closer relationship of the tourism exchange between Japan and Taiwan. The department hopes that the local government can achieve the goal to activate tourism development in Nantou via this protocol.

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