Theme Caotun Junior High School Won 8 Golds, 5 Silvers and 3 Bronzes in the National High School Sports Tournaments, Breaking the County Record
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/5/15

    The 2017 National High School Sports Tournaments were held from April 22 to 27 in Changhua. The Caotun Junior High School judo and wrestling teams from Nantou won 8 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 3 bronze medals, returning to the school victoriously on April 26. Deputy County Mayor Chen Chengsheng, Principal Huang Meiling and Deputy Director Wang Shuling of the county Department of Education welcomed the team with floral sprays and applause at the school gates along with hundreds of students. Deputy County Mayor Chen also awarded cash prizes to the Head Coach Lee Sunghsin and the athlete representatives in recognition of their contribution to the Nantou sports scene.

    Aside from winning 8 gold medals, 5 silver medals and 3 bronze medals, the Caotun Junior High School judo and wrestling team also had 3 fifth place finishes and 1 sixth place finish on April 22 and 23. Deputy Mayor Chen went to see the games on April 22, even witnessing 2 athletes complete comeback victories. The competition perfectly showcased the fruits of the students’ efforts. The athletes were able to achieve these feats with the support of teachers, the encouragement of coaches and the cooperation of parents. He believes that if they are able to continue working hard on judo and wrestling, the students will surely perform even better in the future. Their sports performances are also beneficial for senior high school and college applications.

    Judo coach Lee Sunghsin and Wrestling director Lin Chingmiao said the team has prepared diligently for the National High School Sports Tournaments since last year. They trained with extra intensity after the winter vacation, with each student striving to become the best version of themselves.

    Yang Ning, who has participated many times, won second place when she was just a seventh grader. She won gold medals two consecutive times last year and this year. Yang said it was especially stressful before games; fortunately she overcame all the obstacles she encountered during training and successfully repeated her performance as champion.

    Judo participants Chuantang Yuyen and Kao Yasheng were middling performers in the past. However, they both broke out and won gold medals this year, expressing gratitude for the coaches’ support and teammates’ encouragement.

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