Theme Closing ceremony of the Plum Festival Checheng, Shuili was livily and merry
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/6/22

    “The Closing Ceremony of the 2017 Nantou Plum Festival” was held on May 6 in Jen Mei Guan square, Checheng, Shuili. There were exciting performances of songs and dances, attracting many visitors. To promote the sales of plums, Lin Mingchen, the County Mayor of Nantou County, and Hsu Shu-hua, the legislator, promoted the plums with a new flavor – ginger flavored plums. At the venue, there were also vinegar plum DIY sessions. It is hoped that the plum industry can be promoted further to increase the farmers' income in Nantou.

    County Mayor Lin expressed that the total area of plum growing farms is about 4,300 hectares in Taiwan while about 1,400 hectares of them are located in Nantou, which makes it the major plum growing area. To promote the consumption of plums, the vinegar plum DIY sessions were conducted successfully. The county government will promote the tourism and produce of Nantou together with upgraded marketing works to increase the local farmers’ income.

    On the day of the ceremony, County Mayor Lin, Legislator Hsu, Mr. Hsiao Chih-chuan, County Council Member and Director of the Shuili Farmers’ Association, and County Council Members Ms. Chen Shu-hui, Sinyi township farmer’s association Director Huang Chih-hui, Chairperson Mr. Tseng Ming-jui of Nantou County Farmers’ Association, and more attended the activities. In addition to making vinegar plums on site, they also helped promote Nantou’s plum. They hoped consumers can buy and eat more Nantou plums, and build up the concept that eating plums is good for your health. County Mayor Lin and Legislator Hsu also tasted plum products on site, giving high praise to the ginger flavor plums cultivated by the Shuili Farmers’ Association. Finally, they wished the sales of plums could be better and better.

    In this year’s Plum Festival marketing activities, in order to promote the advantages of eating plums, the Farmers’ Association and other units attended the fair to promote plum DIY, plum vinegar DIY, plum wine DIY, and more. It was estimated that there were more than 2200 participants. It also provided opportunities for consumers to DIY healthy and enjoy gummy plum products.

    At the Closing Ceremony of the Plum Festival, the farm produce fair attracted many visitors. Si Jian Association, Shuili Farmers’ Association also brought many students from Cheng Cheng Elementary Schools to hold a charity vegetable sale. It was planned that all the profits would be donated to help minority people. Knowing the purpose of the sale, people responded actively. The vegetables were sold out in a very short time.

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