Theme Never Stop – Cycling with County Mayor Lin and Former President Ma
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/6/22

    The 5th anniversary of “2017 – Never Stop – Zi Nan Temple Round County Cycling Challenge 99.9k” was held on 6 o’clock in the morning of May 21 outside Zi Nan Temple and by the Training Center of the National Fire Agency, Ministry of the Interior. It attracted 3,000 participants. Former President Ma Ying-jeou, County Mayor Lin Mingchen, Deputy County Mayor Chen Cheng-sheng, County Council Member Tsai Yi-chu, Director Hong Ming-hui of Nantou Sports Association, and more joined the event.

    As the whistle blew, the contest started. County Mayor Lin and Former President Ma took the lead, and 3,000 cyclists rode behind from the Training Center of the National Fire Agency. The route ran by Zhushan Township, Minjian Township, Nantou City, Caotun Township, Guoxing Township, Puli Township, Yuchi Township, and Jiji Township. Eventually, they returned to the destination Zi Nan Temple. The total distance was 99.9km. What was special for this event was that for the each of the cyclists that completed the journey in 7 hours would be presented with a certificate, an engraved medal of completion, and a wealth-inviting coin for the Year of the Rooster by Zi Nan Temple. Winners can put the money-inviting coins into the engraved medals to make them complete, symbolizing perfection.

    County Mayor Lin expressed that he welcomed the friends from different corners of Taiwan to participate in this contest. Along the route, cyclists could enjoy the magnificent landscapes at both sides. After the event, they could also visit the Sand Sculpture Park to appreciate sand sculpture art there. He believed that all the participants would bring back good memories here. Before the departure, Former President Ma reminded cyclists to take care of themselves and paid attention to their safety. He also wished for the athletes to keep their bodies fit and cycle for life.

    In recent years, cycling has become a fad in Taiwan. Nantou County has sponsored the Wuling Cycling Challenge and Tataka Cycling Challenge for 11 consecutive years. There are the contests of climbing slopes in both games. The county government, Taiwan Bike Association, and Zi Nan Temple cooperate to sponsor this 99.9km race, starting from the Training Center of the National Fire Agency and ending at Zi Nan Temple. The theme is connected to Zi Nan Temple, which has numerous followers and worshipers, named “Cycle for Wealth – Zi Nan Temple Around County Extreme Challenge 99.9k” cycling contest. It means let get rich together, presenting blessings from the temple to all cyclists. It is the meaning and major spiritual implication of this event.

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