Theme Nantou Sport Tourism Festival was launched. 2000 parents & children joined the lively and happy festival
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/6/22

    “2017 Nantou Sport Tourism” was launched on May 27 with fanfare at Liyu Lake Scenic Area, Puli. The games lasted for 2 days, attracting about 2000 parents and children to participate. Deputy County Mayor Chen Cheng-sheng, County Council Member Liao Chih-cheng, Wu Kuo-chang, Hsu A-kan, and more attended the festival to cheer the participants up. The festival was magnificent.

    Deputy County Mayor Chen expressed that the county government sponsored this sport festival in order to allow people enjoy quality sports activities. As a continuation of the festive moods last year, it integrated water and land spots with local tourism to hold the first water and land sports festival in Taiwan. Innovating the concept of sport and leisure tourism, it promotes new trends in tourism and achieves the goal of sport for all.

    The festival held last year was a great success, winning high acclaim from different sectors. It also proved that tourism and sports could work together side by side perfectly. More importantly, it also allowed participants to enjoy sport, leisure activities, sightseeing, culture, and industry together. In this year’s festival, indigenous elements were added, and Pawan Nawi (Mr. Lin Yuan-chieh), the actor Seediq Bale, was invited as the endorser. He communicated the spirit of “Never Stop” of the Seediq people. This spirit symbolized the spirit of sport in “challenging your own limit courageously and pursue for the goals in front.”

    In the activities, there was a 2.2km innovative race, 10km run, and 17.6km relay. In this year, a 21km cross-country run was added. As to the water sports, there was a professional canoe challenge category, general category for beginning canoers, and leisure and fun category for parents and children. In addition, there was a DIY canoe race with boats made from bamboo cylinders, plastic recycling buckets, robes and more. The game was a lot of fun.

    In the festival, farm produce from sales teams of different farmers’ association, creative cultural products, products with the style of indigenous culture, and more. Around the sports field, there were farm produce exhibitions, food stalls, a van display zone, photography contest, special cultural exhibition, water and leisure activities, and more. It was lively and funny.

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