Theme Huang, Ming-tsun and Chen, Huang-Pin won the Outstanding Awards in the Magistrate Premium Tea Contest
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/8/9

    Qingxin oolong tea was the major item at the 2017 Magistrate Premium Tea Contest. According to the temperature and time of baking, the tea is divided into the aromatic category or mellowness category. It was held on June 18 in the Tea Research and Extension Station, Lugu. There were 120 entries in the aroma category, with a discard rate of 48.333%. And there were 116 entries in the mellowness category, with a discarding rate 49.138%. Magistrate Lin, Ming-Chen attended the contest and supervised the process in person. Later, he announced the winners: Huang, Ming-Tsun won the award for the aromatic category, and Chen, Huang-Pin won the award for mellowness category.

    Recently, it was discovered by the investigators that imported tea had entered the contest with the disguise of local tea. It affected the public reliability of the contest significantly. Magistrate Lin expressed although there were less entries this year than those of the last years, the quality was much better, marking significant progress. Magistrate Lin pointed out that to discourage imported tea to enter the contest in disguise, the county government would try to find measures to deal with it. When it was discovered, contestants would be disqualified permanently.

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