Theme County Mayor Lin Endeavors to Repair Lixing Industrial Road by Spending NT$50 Million in Advance then Securing Foresight Funds
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/9/18

    County Mayor Lin cares about the roughest road in Taiwan. The Lixing industrial road in Renai Township is bumpy and rugged. They have been repaired for more than 10 years; nevertheless, they have not been restored to proper conditions. County Mayor Lin, Ming-chen inspected the roads with related officials on August 14, then again on the 24th. As a result, he decided to spend NT$50 million to repair those roads in order to make traveling on them smoother for local residents. In addition, he is trying to secure funds from the Foresight Infrastructure Construction Plan as well.

    County Mayor Lin visited Renai Township on the 14th. When the townsfolk saw the County Mayor coming, they rolled down their car windows and complained that the Lixing Road was in terrible condition. Hearing these complaints, he requested that the Public Works Department adjust their funds to repair the roads with the first priority being to solve the most urgent problems. On the 19th, he appealed to Premier Lin Chuan of the Executive Yuan in the hopes of securing funds to maintain these industrial roads and thus improving transportation conditions in Renai Township in the Zhong-Chang-Tou-Miao Leaders Meeting.

    Driving along Lixing Industrial Road, it is bumpy the whole way. Hardly an inch of it is flat. For more than a decade, the government has spent more than NT$1 billion. County Mayor Lin expressed that when he was elected the County Mayor of Nantou, he had already spent NT$30 million to improve the conditions of the road. However, there is still room for further improvement. He also spent another NT$50 million to pave torn and rugged roads and areas with potentials risks of collapsing first. He chose a 14.5km section of the road as a temporary site for cargo storage to shorten the construction period.

    The Lixing Industrial Road is 53km long. Wracked by the 9/21 Earthquake and typhoons, there 9 areas with major collapses. There are about 3 to 4 thousand inhabitants along the road. Most of them are farmers of high mountain vegetables, fruits, and tea. This road is their major transportation route in everyday life, and for the transportation of produce. After the 9/21 Earthquake, the Central Cross-Island Highway has been recuperating. The produce and daily necessities for people living along the Taichung – Heping route are transported via this road. It has been used and repaired in turn repeatedly for the past 2 decades.

    To solve the problem once and for all, a dual approach will be adopted – to maintain the industrial road and have it detoured. In a short time, the Nantou County Government will spend NT$50 million to repair the road, including 26 places with serious damage and collapses from Qalang Marepa to Cuiluan (costing about 30 million) and the improvement of dangerous and collapsed road sections (costing about 20 million). Regarding the mid- and long-term plan, Nantou County Government will secure funds from the Foresight Infrastructure Construction Plan to re-pave the entire road with an estimated budget of about NT$170 million. In addition, it will request permission from the central government to build an alternative road at the cost of about NT$700 million.

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