Theme The groundbreaking of the Shuter Babuza Dream Factory – County Mayor Lin expects it to promote Nantou’s economic development
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/9/18

    Shuter Enterprises has expanded and alternated its operations recently. It built the Babuza Dream Factory, a sightseeing and leisure factory at Nangang Industrial Park. The groundbreaking ceremony was held on August 9. Hosted by Wu, Yi-Jui, the General Manager, County Mayor Lin, Ming-chen, and the Deputy County Mayor Chen, Cheng-Sheng also attended the ceremony to witness the historic moment of Shuter Enterprise rooting itself in Nantou.

    County Mayor Lin expressed that when he was a member of Legislative Yuan, he had visited Shuter’s factory in Taichung. At that time, General Manager Wu showed the intention of investing in Nantou. In response, he invited the Industrial Development and Investment Promotion Committee and Economic Affairs Department to discuss the issue of the building of the factory. Today, with the holding of the groundbreaking ceremony, the dream had come true. When the Babuza Dream Factory is completed, it will become a highlight for the sightseeing factory in Nantou. More importantly, it will contribute to the folks in Nantou by providing 300 job opportunities in the sightseeing factory, and 250 in the automatic factory for a total of 550. It will bring greater economic development and more job opportunities in Nantou.

    With “Modern Taiwan, Cultural Taiwan, and Austronesian Taiwan” as the major appeals, the Babuza Dream Factory is located at Nangang Industrial Park, occupying more than 16,800m2. It is an architecture with 1 level below ground and 5 levels above ground, built with a budget of more than US$66 million. It is estimated to be complete in June 2019, and launched into operation at the end of the same year. It the factory, there will be an “Avatar Tree of Life,” with a diameter of 16m and height of 31m. There will be a spiral ladder around the tree’s trunk with a height of 25m. When it is completed, people will be able to climb up and down the tree to overlook the entire industrial park.

    Planned to be built in the factory is the only “Austronesian Culture Museum” and “Pingpu Tribe Language Conservation Center.” Visitors can learn more about indigenous peoples and the Pingpu tribe through guided tours, and will allow indigenous peoples and the Pingpu tribe to reach greater visibility. By doing so, more and more people can recognize and re-explore these lost languages and lost ethnic groups. Therefore, the dream factory is a factory for learning, with the appearance of a museum.

    General Manager Wu pointed out that Babuza is the name of the Pingpu tribe in Taiwan. Using its tribal name as the factory’s name is just because it is a piece of unknown knowledge has its beauty. As the world cannot yet see it, it is necessary to make it known.

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