Theme Mr. Tea comes again! County Mayor Lin promotes the Tea Expo
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2017/9/18

    2017 Nantou Global Tea Expo – The Green Fairy Cups will be held with much fanfare at Zhongxing New Village from October 7 to October 15. On August 23, County Mayor Lin, Ming-chen acted as Mr. Tea in promotional film shoots with tea farmers and elementary school students at the Zhuwei Village Tea Garden in Mingjian Township and at Neihu Elementary School at Lugu Township. The ad will be used as promotional material for the upcoming Tea Expo, which welcomes people from different parts of Taiwan to visit Nantou and taste aromatic tea.

    County Mayor Lin and 10 tea farmers from Mingjian Township shot the ad under a tea tree in the tea garden. The ad begins with Mr. Tea driving a car into the tea garden and announcing with a megaphone that the Nantou Global Tea Expo is coming. Then the tea farmers engaging in farm work cry with excitement, “Mr. Tea has come again!” to express their welcome. Then, County Mayor Lin pours tea to show hospitality to the hard-working tea farmers. They join to promote the upcoming Tea Expo. Mr. Tea drives his car to the Neihu Forest Elementary School at Lugu. County Mayor Lin and Councilor Hsu, Su-Hsia treat the school children to aromatic tea. They stand in a row in front of Mr. Tea’s car and say loudly, “Are you prepared for tea style?”

    County Mayor Lin expressed that time passes quickly. This year’s Tea Expo is coming right up. Starting from October 7, the Tea Expo will be held for 9 consecutive days at the Zhongxing New Village. There will be a series of exciting exhibitions, and the decoration of the exhibition site will be different from that of past years. He believes that visitors will find this year’s Tea Expo innovative, and welcomes people from different parts of Taiwan to visit the tranquil Zhongxing New Village to enjoy the best tea in Taiwan.

    The theme of this year’s Tea Expo is “Green Fairy Cups.” Tea fairies beckon people to visit the Innovative Tea Technology Gallery, Tea Meals, Hospitality Business Gallery, Black Tea Gallery, Tea App in Daily Life Gallery, International Craft and Tea School and Craft Fun Gallery, Leisure Agriculture Gallery, Agricultural Village Rejuvenation Gallery, World Tea Tour, Tea Leaves Experience Zone, Aroma Art Experience, and Green Fairy Cup Concert.

    International tea culture is one of the major appeals of this expo. Participants from Taiwan, Japan, Russia, and Persia will attend the Tea Gallery to expose visitors to international tea cultures and experience the charm of tea art in different countries. In addition, the 1000-person tea party and 1000-person massage tea activities will be held on October 8 and October 10 respectively. In addition, the well-received folk song concert from last year will bring the Tea Expo to a conclusion again this year.

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