According to specific traffic function, the roads of Nantou County can be divided into regional road network and main outer ring road network. Regional road network connects the north and the south parts of Nantou County. Dividing by the area it goes through, there is Provincial Highway No. 14 and Provincial Highway No. 21 in the mountain area; Provincial Highway No. 63 and Provincial Highway No. 66(from Caotun to Hanbao)on the plain area; and Provincial Highway No. 3 on the hill area, which is the main road connecting other cities.
 Other regional longitudinal road network of the County include County Highway No. 139, County Highway No. 148, County Highway No. 149, County Highway No. 150, and County Highway No. 152. Ring road network systems include: Nantou City Outer Ring Road system, Nantou City Inner Ring Road System, Caotun Township Outer Ring Road system, Mingjian Village Outer Ring Road system and Yuchi Village Outer Ring Road system. Other roads are regional secondary road network, which together make up the regional road network of Nantou area.

Express Highway
 Express Highway No. 2 Nantou Section
 The operation of Express Highway No. 2 Nantou Section began on the 7th of June, 2002. Nantou Section starts from the dividing point between Fenyuan Village, Zhanghua County and Caotun Township, Nantou County, goes through Caotun Township, Nantou City, Zhongliao Village, Mingjian Village and Zhushan Township and ends at Linnei Village of Yunlin County, which is on the southern side of Qingshui River. The total distance is around 35.39Km and the highway covers four interchanges including Caotun, Nantou, Mingjian and Zhushan.
 National Highway No. 6 Nantou Section
 It starts from Express Highway No. 2 which is on the northern side of Wu River of Wufong Village, Taichung County, continues towards the east of Wu River passing Caotun Township, Guoxing Village, Puli Township and connects Provincial Highway No. 14. The total distance is 38Km. There are system interchanges established at the starting point of National Highway No. 6 and at where it meets Express Highway No. 2. Moreover, four service interchanges were established in Caotun, Guoxing, Ailan and Puli.

 Taichung-Nantou Expressway(Taichung-Nantou)
 It runs from Daqing Street of Taichung City and enters Nantou County through Dali and Fenyuan, Zhanghua. The route passes places such as Caotun and Nantou City. The roads are two to three lanes wide. It is the main road connecting the north and the south of Nantou.
 Hanbao-Caotun East-West Direction Fast Highway
 It is one of the 12 east-west direction fast highways of the 6-year National Construction Program. The total distance is 33.9 Km and the width of the road is 25m. The route starts near Hanbao of Fuxing Village, Zhanghua and runs east through a tunnel which passes Baguashan to Nantou County. It crosses over Maoluo River, ends where it connects to Express Highway No. 2 and joints Provincial Highway No. 14 Yixin Line by ring road.
 Provincial Highway No. 3 (Taipei-Pingtung Highway)
 It enters Nantou County from Wuxi Bridge of Wufeng Village, Taichung County. After passing through Caotun, Nantou City, Mingjian Village and Zhushan, it leads to Linnei Village. The width of the road is between 7 to 30m. It is the main road connecting the hill area of Nantou County to other places.
Provincial Highway No. 14(Zhanghua City, Zhanghua County-Renai Village, Nantou County)
 Provincial Highway No. 14 runs from Zhanghua City and passes through Fenyuan Village, Caotun Township, Guoxin Village, Puli Township and Renai Village. It is the main road connecting the places mentioned above to the outside. The width of the road is 24m. In Nantou, the total distance is 19Km. Through Provincial Highway No. 14 Jia Line, it can enter Hualian County by Provincial Highway No. 8.
 Provincial Highway No. 16
 Provincial Highway No. 16 is one of the important east-west direction roads in Nantou County. The route starts from Mingjian Village Provincial Highway No. 3 232K, passes through Jiji Township, Shuili Township, Dili of Xinyi Village, Heliuping and Danlin Forest Area and ends at Qicai Lake. It is the new Central Cross-Island Highway in the latest program. The road width from Mingjian to Shuili is 16m and it is 6m wide after Xinyi Village.
Provincial Highway No. 18
 Provincial Highway No. 18 starts from the southern part of Xinyi Village and runs to Taoyuan Village of Kaohsiung County before it enters Zhuoxi Village of Hualian County. It is the connecting road for Xinyi Village and Hualian County. It is also one of the roads connecting Yushan National Park to the outside.
 Provincial Highway No. 21
 It is an important south-north direction road for Nantou County. It runs through the center of the living circle of the county. It connects to Taichung County Central Cross-Island Highway Tianleng Section on the north side and passes Puli Township, Sun Moon Lake of Yuchi Village, Shuili Village and Xinyi County.

 Nantou County Tourism Railway
It starts from Ershui Village of Zhanghua and passes through Mingjian Village, Jiji Township to Checheng Village of Shuili Village. The total distance is 29.7Km. It is generally called the Jiji Line. During the early stage of the operation, the train was mainly used for transporting construction material. However, later on it was also responsible for transporting tourist, banana, rice, fruit and timber to places along the railway. Since the opening of Provincial Highway No. 16 in 1985, the highway gradually replaced the transportation function of trains. Moreover, as the scenery along the railway line is magnificent and beautiful, trains slowly turned tourism orientation after 1990.

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