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Location: The county center is situated at 120.25 degrees east longitude and
23.5230 degrees north latitude inside Jiadaokeng, Yuchih Township.
Total Population: 517,222 people (up to the end of December, 2012)
Total Area: 4,106.4360 KM2 with a width of 72 KM and a length of 95 KM. It is the
second largest county in Taiwan.
Language: Mandarin is the official language; Taiwanese, Hakka, English and
dialects of aborigines are also spoken.
Administrative Division: 1 county governed city, 13 townships
Annual Average Temperature: 23℃ on level ground & 20℃ in mountains
Annual Average Rainfall: Less than 1,750 mm on level ground, 2,800 mm in the mountains.
The rainy season lasts from April to September, While the dry season runs from October through March.

Modify Date:2015/1/7 (Nantou County Government)