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Elder cards can be used on the northbound side of Kuo-Kuang Motor Transport starting December 1... 2018-12-10
Private firms take an interest in investing in JiuJiu Peaks (99 Peaks). Lin Ming-chen called it “A dawn of construction”... 2018-12-10
The 66th county sports campaign with 13,283 athletes participating. 2 players achieved new records in 2 track and field events.... 2018-12-10
The “Nantou Tea App”: Using technology to enhance sales of agricultural products... 2018-12-10
Participation of 4,000 Runners from 25 Countries in Sun Moon Lake Marathon; Deputy County Magistrate Chen’s Hope for Standard Chartered Marathon... 2018-11-15
Investment Intention Letter Proposed by ShowTime Cinemas in Nantou for “Building a Cinema City at NTD 1 Billion”... 2018-11-15
Exciting Double Tenth Celebration with Energetic Rock Concert... 2018-11-15
Successful Conclusion of Nantou Global Tea Expo with Historically High Record of Number of Visitors and Sales Revenue... 2018-11-15
Taichung, Changhua, Nantou, Miaoli county and city leaders meeting held in Miaoli, achieving 47 proposals... 2018-10-17
Tens of Thousands of swimmers overcome difficulties; more than 20,000 swimmers enter the water to take the challenge... 2018-10-17
Lin Ming-chen inspected the quality and progress of the Fu-Xing Farm Hotel Resort Project... 2018-10-17
A push to build an eco-tourism “Starry Sky Town,” the opening of the Qing Jing Milky Way Festival... 2018-10-17
Tea Pick Contest held in Dalun Mountain. Top tea pickers in Taiwan gathered to compete there... 2018-9-7
Nantou County Government endeavors to secure NT$350 million of funds to revive Dongpu Hot Spring... 2018-9-7
County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen hosted the groundbreaking ceremonies of the lecture building of Sin Siang Elementary School at Xinyi Township and the quarters of the Tong-fu Junior High Sc... 2018-9-7

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Impressions of Nantou
There are many expressions which can be used to describe the beautiful scenery of Nantou County.  "Green hills and crystal clear waters," "a landscape of lakes and mountains," and " green peaks rising one higher than the other" are just a few of the phrases used to describe Nantou.

Nantou, located in the center of Taiwan, is the only landlocked county in Taiwan.  Though surging and turbulent waves are not to be seen, there are 41 mountains with peaks of over 3000 meters high.  Mount Jade, the tallest mountain in Taiwan, boasts a sea of clouds more beautiful than the waves of any ocean.

Rains that fall on the mountains converge into the Wu and Jhuoshuei Rivers.  There are inland ponds and lakes throughout the mountains of Nantou, such as Sun Moon Lake, Bi Pond, Liyu (Carp) Pond and Cilin (Kylin) Pond.  These sparkling, glittering bodies of water are pleasing to the eye.
The mountains are high and the waters are fast in Nantou.  83% of the total area in Nantou is covered by hills and mountains.  Local residents have made the most of it, by growing produce and other specialties that thrive in  hilly, mountainous terrains.  These products add to the beauty and diversity of Nantou.

Local residents of Nantou have great affections for their hometowns at the sight of these picturesque landscapes. Nostalgia is a common theme for those traveling or residing far away from home. Treasuring such a precious hometown develops a special political tradition, which is to construct the county with harmony. They seek for sincere cooperation among all walks of life for the interest of the county. Therefore, the color yellow in the county insignia represents goodwill toward one another and gold everywhere.

Nantou, a homeland of mountains and rivers, is rightly called the Switzerland of Taiwan due to its beautiful scenery.

Modify Date:2015/1/7 (Nantou County Government)