Current Industrial Park Situation

Nangang Industrial Park
 It is located on the northwest side of Nantou City with Baguashan behind it while facing Zhongsing Village. Provincial Highway No. 3 runs through the whole industrial park. It is 25Km away from Taichung City and 47Km away from Taichung Port. Moreover, it is only 1Km from Express Highway No. 2 Nantou Interchange. The highways radiate in all directions. The total area is 412 hectare.

Zhushan Industrial Park
It is located in Zhaoshan Foothill of Yanping Village, Zhushan Township. It is 25Km away from Douliu. The main road network to other places is Provincial Highway No. 3. Moreover, Express Highway No. 2 Zhushan Interchange is only 3Km from the industrial park. Transportation is very convenient. The total area is 23 hectares.

Utilization of Public Facilities and Public Institutions of the Industrial Park
Name of Industrial Park Development Year Residential Land
Public Facilities
Industrial Land
Total Area
Nangang Industrial Park 1974 (213 ha)
1979 (199 ha)
32 103 277 412
Zhushan Industrial Park 1974 (23 ha) 0 0 19 23

UPDATE: 2014/9/16 (Nantou County Government)
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