Nantou of Yesterday

Many Races Met Here
Before the Han people arrived in Nantou. the Atayal, Bunnun and Zou Tribes were distributed throughout Northern and Central Nantou. These groups were pioneers in developing the mountains of Nantou. In 1677, Lin Ci, a general under the command of Jheng Cheng-gong, led soldiers to establish residence in Shalianbao (Jhushan Township, Nantou). The Han people began to enter Nantou via two man routes, the Jhuoshuei River and the Maoluo River. In addition to the Shao Tribe of Sun Moon Lake and the Pingpu Tribe in the Puli Basin, the Han people were now living in Nantou.

At the end of December, 2012, the population amounted to almost 517,200. There were also 500 different surnames found amongst the population. A rich variety of folk cultures have developed and plenty of historic spots remain.

UPDATE: 2015/1/12 (Nantou County Government)
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