Historic Sites in Nantou County

Third-class historical sites: Lantian Academy of Classical Learning, Mingsin Academy of Classical Learning, Dengying Academy of Classical Learning, Linfongshih Tomb, Glutinous Rice Bridge in Guosing Township, Yidu Stele in Yongji, Dunlun Hall in Caotun, Cyubing remains, Longde Temple in Yuemeicuo, ruins of Manshe School in Nanzihjiao and Jingsheng Pavilion in Sheliao.
After the Ming and Ching Dynasties, as well an era of Japanese Occupation, Nantou became an independent county in 1950 with county jurisdiction in Nantou Town (Nantou City). On October 21, 1950, the Nantou County Government was established. The first county magistrate and councilors were elected by the people in 1951. Thus, an era of democratic politics had begun.

On July 1, 1957, Nantou came into focus as the Taiwan Provincial Government moved from Taipei City to Chung Hsing New Village. Nantou was the center of provincial administration until reorganization in 1997.
On September 21, 1999, Nantou became both a national and global focal point. A large earthquake, measuring 7.3 on the Richter scale, struck at 1:47 in the early morning. This earthquake led to thousands of casualties and tens of thousands of damaged or collapsed buildings. Taiwan's largest catastrophe of the twentieth century imposed great amounts of suffering on local people. However, the outpouring of assistance and aid from people of all walks of life helped local residents to see that things would improve and slowly return to normal.
As the people of Nantou emerge from the shadows of the disastrous earthquake to begin their new lives, they will forever remember the strong love between them that transcends racial differences.

UPDATE: 2005/11/14 (Nantou County Government)
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