About the Magistrate

Nantou Magistrate Lin,Min-chen
§ Education
* Master of Leisure Services Management, Chaoyang University of Technology
* Department of Architecture, China Junior College of Technology
* Jiji Junior High School
* Yong Chang Elementary School

§ Experience

* Nantou County Magistrate (incumbent)
* Legislator (7th/8th term)
* Convener, Transportation Committee, Legislative Yuan
* Chief commissioner, Transportation Committee, Legislative Yuan
* Commander, Nantou County Voluntary Police Battalion
* Chairman, Nantou County Public Service Association
* Chairperson, Nantou County Gate ball Association
* KMT party representative
* Director, Tourism Bureau, Nantou County Government
* 15th term County Councilman, Nantou County
* 11th/12th term Town Mayor, Jiji Town
* Technical specialist recommended by Taiwan Provincial Urban Planning Commission
* Technical specialist, Department of Reconstruction of the Taiwan Provincial Government
§ Policy
 “Harmonious county development” is the traditional administrative policy of Nantou. Therefore, Ming-Chen will continue to uphold this policy and transform Nantou County into a “Tourism Capital”, thereby creating a healthy, happy, euphoric and livable town.
One: Industry development:
1. Develop potential new tourist attractions to generate tourism income for the county treasury.
2. Establish a single-window service system and actively assist various townships and towns to develop micro parks in order to invigorate local economy and increase employment.
3. Revitalize unused public buildings and lands by introducing business management philosophies in order to attract investment capital and appropriately utilize private resources for public constructions.
4. Launch the 2nd phase dump truck dedicated lane project to improve the quality of life for residents along the route and to utilize natural resources to increase revenue for construction.
5. Increase the quality of life for people in the indigenous communities by improving access roads and bridges between villages.
6. Using the County Government as the platform to introduce foreign agricultural workers in order to resolve the problem of the lack of farm workers.
Two: Cultural and educational upgrade:
1. Integrate educational resources to complete the schooling environment.
2. Promote indigenous first language, Taiwanese language and the language of new residents, as well as Hakka language and English education in order to foster afterschool language education for children.
3. Vie to host national or international sports competitions to cultivate athletes and enhance the sports environment of the county.
4. Launch the Taiwan Arts Boulevard in order to transform Nantou into the epicenter of craft and attract investment from the art and cultural industry.
5. Reinforce after school counseling and issue meal coupons during the holidays and winter/summer vacations.
Three: Social welfare
1. Increase the free public transport subsidy for senior citizens and disabled persons to NT$1,000.
2. Strengthen the senior citizen care network and long-term healthcare, as well as establish a senior citizen university to promote lifelong learning.
3. Establish youth and women entrepreneurship office to provide single-window service and offer assistance in business startup grant and counseling.
4. Establish care centers to provide new residents, mid to low income households and disabled persons with integrated resources in order to help them seek employment.
Four: Quality environment:
1. Create a food safety management system to clamp down on tainted food and protect the food safety and health of county citizens.
2. Regularly organizes “County Citizen Hour” to listen to the people’s voice directly.
3. Regularly hosts industry forums to discuss policy effectiveness with youths as well as scholars and experts from the tourism industry.
4. Re-create the former glory of retirees by utilizing their expertise as volunteers in order to upgrade the county administration environment.

UPDATE: 2018/1/9 (Nantou County Government)
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