Privacy Policy and Secure Policy

Welcome the World Wide Web of Nantou County Government . In order to allow you to safely use services and information provided on the website, we would like to explain to you our Privacy Policy to safeguard your rights. Please read carefully the following content:

1. The website will never reveal your personal information to third party for any purposes unless we receive an agreement from you or are ordered to do so by related legal regulations.

2. When you browse the website, our server will automatically record related route, including your IP address, time, browser, and history. The information collected will be used as reference to improve our service. All the information is for internal usage and will not be opened to others.

3. Usage of Cookies In order to provide you with the best service, we will save and access our cookies on your computer. Cookie is a tool through which the server interacts with user's browser. The Site contains cookies as to provide a more flexible and adequate interface for users. However, users can choose to cancel or restrict such function by altering the preference option of their browsers.If you don’t like the saving of our Cookies, you can set your privacy level of your browser as “Highest” to prevent the saving of our Cookies. However, by doing this might cause certain functions fail to perform.

4. Adjustments of Privacy Policy  Based on current situations, the Privacy Policy will be modified anytime. The revised Privacy Policy will be posted on the website.

※ Protection of Information   The mainframe of the website has set up firewall, virus detection system and related security equipment and measures. We do so just to protect your personal information and the website itself.

We install firewall to prevent illegal invasion, destruction or theft information as well as to avoid other people illegally getting relevant information to use somewhere else. Thus, all downloadable services are properly examined. You can feel secure in using them – downloading, saving, transmitting, etc.

※Self-Protection Measures We would like to remind you not to give your personal details to any person. Also, after login at any Web page, do remember to log out in order to secure your interests and rights.

※Rights on Amending the Privacy Statement: Lastly,To provide adequate protection for user's privacy, the Statement is subject to changes reflecting development in technology or amendment to relevant regulations. Amended articles will be posted on the Site immediately. Users may email to Nantou County Government for any questions governing the Statement.

UPDATE: 2014/3/18 (Nantou County Government)
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