What documents are needed for a home stay facility application?  

The following documents are required for registration of a home stay facility.
1. Copy of Land and Use Certificate.(Urban land only. Original copy will be returned after authenticated.)
2. Official copy of the Cadastral Map and Land Registration Transcript issued within the past three months.
3. Proof documents for approval of land use. (Land owners applying in person are exempted from providing this document.)
4. Building Registration Transcript or other proof documents regarding rights over the house.
5. Copy of the Occupancy Permit or legal household proof documents before construction management is applied.
6. Copy of Building Floor Plan submitted when applying for the Occupancy Permit.
7. Copy of pictures (3*5) containing the appearance, interior, guest room, bathroom and other related facilities of the lodge. (Attached on A4 papers with appropriate footnotes)
8. Four copies of the fire-extinguishing equipment location layout.
9. Four copies each for all qualification certificates and inspection approvals (including factory release certificates) of fire-extinguishing safety equipment.
10. Four copies each for all fire-extinguishing safety equipment and appearances. (Color pictures must come in either 3*5 or 4*6 formats and be footnoted with the manager’s seal on A4 papers.)
11. If curtains, carpets, drapes or demonstration billboards are installed, “inflammable” warning signs should be tagged during an onsite inspection.
12. Copy of Liability Insurance Contract. (The original copy will be returned after authenticated.)
13. Material fire-proof documents for the interior of the room or other proof documents signed by professionals.
14. Copy of the Land Use Certificate for the parking lot.

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