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The 2020 Agricultural Marketing and Sales Exhibition in Central Taiwan Opens in Zhongxing New Village, Oct 30new 2020/11/17
The Cardiopulmonary and Vascular Care Center of Nantou Hospital Officially Opens its Doors. Magistrate Lin First Experiences ILIB, Oct 27new 2020/11/17
Nantou County Government Praises Diamond and Platinum Marriages, Oct 22new 2020/11/17
Nantou Global Tea Expo: Tea Banquet for Thousands Officially Opens on Oct 10. Fully Buzzworthy!new 2020/11/17
Deputy County Mayor Chen presided over the first meeting of the First Youth Affairs Consultation Council, September 30 2020/10/22
Implementing pandemic prevention with vigilance, Sun Moon Lake Swimming Carnival fights against the pandemic, September 27 2020/10/22
The 6th Sun Moon Lake Open Water Swimming Championships and the 1st “SUP” Stand-up Paddle Boarding Tournament begin September 26 2020/10/22
The county mayor attends the Community Hands-on Demonstration Seminars and praised outstanding communities and cooperatives, September 24 2020/10/22
Magistrate Lin Investigated the Electricity of Junior High School and Elementary School Campuses to Ensure All Classrooms Can Install Air-con Aug.25 2020/9/22
Magistrate Uncle Tea Filmed a Commercial to Promote 2020 Nantou Global Tea Expo Aug. 14 2020/9/22
Nantou County 2020 Minan 6 Drill on Disaster Rescue Aug. 11 2020/9/22
Nantou County Government Held Epidemic Prevention Meeting and Will Strengthen Announcements on Demanding Tourists to Wear Face Masks at Tourist Attractions Aug. 6 2020/9/22
National Open University’s Nantou Service Office was established, making lifelong learning more convenient for county residents, July 30 2020/8/17
National High School Athletics have concluded, Nantou team won a total of 18 gold, 14 silver and 26 bronze medals, July 23 2020/8/17
Come to Nantou for shopping! The county government offers a car as a raffle prize, among other featured activities, July 14 2020/8/17
Establishment of Ren-ai Township Senior Learning Center, under the joy from Nanfeng Community, July 13 2020/8/17
“Protect Our Lungs From Pollution Protect the Blue Sky” Magistrate Lin Ming-zhen Went to Taichung Power Plant to Support Hunger Strike June 30 2020/7/16
Deputy Magistrate Chen Awarded Girls’ Soccer Team of Suili Elementary School for Winning National Champion June 22 2020/7/16
Magistrate Welcomed Visitors in Person in the Opening of Shuanglong Rainbow Suspension Bridge along with Live and Rolling Tribe Tourism Carnival June 20 2020/7/16
Assisting Students of Yuchih to Go to School at Ease County Government Gave Out Relief Fund June 15 2020/7/16
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