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Theme Date
Celebrating the County’s Model Fathers and Mothers Deputy M... 2020-09-22
Travel and Have Fun at Nantou Campaign Has Begun Enjoy Abun... 2020-09-22
Sacha Inchi Cooperative Factory Opened to Feel Optimistic on... 2020-09-22
“It’s Fine Eating Plums” Numerous Tourists Visited Shuili an... 2020-09-22
Concert for Epidemic Prevention and Safeguarding Taiwan star... 2020-08-17
Deputy County Magistrate Chen led the team to greet the torc... 2020-08-17
Holding Community Public Security Study Sessions, with Puli ... 2020-08-17
Central Taiwan Pass officially released, county government o... 2020-08-17
Tourist Buses and Tourists Gather at Sun Moon Lake to Promot... 2020-07-16
Kind Father Got Killed in Accident when Visiting his Sons, L... 2020-07-16
Magistrate Lin Awarded the Supreme Level Tea King at Lugu Sp... 2020-07-16
County Government Improves the Quality of County Freeway 149... 2020-07-16
“Win Over the Epidemic!” Nantou Issues Safe Accommodation Re... 2020-06-19
Relief Policy from the Central Government has Tied Local Gov... 2020-06-19
“Heartwarming DBS Protects Nantou” Collaborates with Nantou ... 2020-06-19
When Visiting Underprivileged Filial Pious Finger-losing Jun... 2020-06-19
Shena historical trail will be renovated to connect Xinyi To... 2020-05-20
Nantou county government conducted the first tabletop exerci... 2020-05-20
Prospering local tourism, County magistrate Lin surveyed the... 2020-05-20
A new strength for a tourist capital, Chen Chih-hsien took o... 2020-05-20
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