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Showing achievements in the year-end press conference, Nantou fights for economic development against the pandemic, December 10 2021/1/18
Magistrate Lin attends the Qingjiao incense-burning ceremony in Puli and prays for a good harvest in agriculture, December 6 2021/1/18
Legend of the White Deer in the Hot Springs Festival, a new image of Dong pu, Nantou County, December 5 2021/1/18
Honduras Ambassador visits Nantou to meet and communicate with the county government and county council, December 4 2021/1/18
The Nantou Hot Spring Festival is coming soon, featuring three hot spring areas with different activities, November 16 2020/12/16
The Sun Moon Lake Black Tea Festival grandly opens, Deputy Magistrate Chen invites the public to discover tea in Yuchi Township, November 7 2020/12/16
The Nantou Countywide Games open, promoting sports to the public, November 7 2020/12/16
The Long-term Care Expo of Nantou County presents the achievements in social care; the elderly do rhythmic exercises together, November 1 2020/12/16
The Joint Statement Raised by Seven Mayors in Central Taiwan: Anti-Air Pollution, Ban on Ractopamine Pork and Trail Tour Promotion, Oct 7 2020/11/17
The Flame of Citizens Sports Games Carried to Nantou. Secretary-General Hung Expresses his Wish for Greater Results, Oct 7 2020/11/17
"Get Flu Vaccinated and Keep Healthy"Deputy Magistrate Chen Demonstrates the Vaccination, Oct 5 2020/11/17
Enjoy a Cup of Chocoffee with Great Music at the Romantic and Innovative Mid-Autumn Festival Smoke-free Concert in Nantou, Oct 1 2020/11/17
Caring for the safety of children at intersections, County Mayor Lin serves as school crossing guard, September 15 2020/10/22
The Happy Agriculture Golden Promotion Award Ceremony held on September 10, Nantou County has outperformed the others in the country, September 10 2020/10/22
National Sports Day, Promoting Sports to People of all ages, September 9 2020/10/22
Autumn Memorial Ceremony for Martyred Soldiers, Officers and Civilians in the Wars and the Martyred Soldiers of Nantou County in the line of Duty, September 3 2020/10/22
Celebrating the County’s Model Fathers and Mothers Deputy Magistrate Chen Awarded Them with Blessings Aug. 6 2020/9/22
Travel and Have Fun at Nantou Campaign Has Begun Enjoy Abundant Great Offers Aug. 4 2020/9/22
Sacha Inchi Cooperative Factory Opened to Feel Optimistic on the Market Aug. 4 2020/9/22
“It’s Fine Eating Plums” Numerous Tourists Visited Shuili and Checheng Aug. 1 2020/9/22
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