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Theme Date
City God Inspection – Promotes Road Safetynew 2019-08-20
Magistrate Lin visits Chenggong Ling to pay tribute to the 2019-08-20
In Taiwan Filial Piety Award,Lin Jin-ye of Nantou is honorednew 2019-08-20
Magistrate Lin Receives 5-star Award in Taipei 2019-07-24
Magistrate Lin Expresses Consolation Onsite for Victims of t... 2019-07-24
Nantou Dark Sky Festival: Embracing Stars in Qingjing 2019-07-24
Nantou’s “Golden” Sightseeing Spots – Public Treasury Earnin... 2019-06-17
County Government Will Launch Helium Balloon Flight – Offeri... 2019-06-17
Showing Appreciation for Mothers’ Selfless Love – County Gov... 2019-06-17
Nantou Agricultural Products Marketed to Shandong – First Sh... 2019-06-17
Nantou Plum Festival’s First – 500 People Make Plums at High... 2019-05-15
County Magistrate Visited Flora Expo and Inspired with New T... 2019-05-15
Glorious Opening of Nantou Plum Festival, A Magnificent Scen... 2019-04-19
Tour de Taiwan - Stage 4 in Nantou County on March 20 2019-04-19
New Attractions iIn Nantou City, Rosie Family Stationed iIn ... 2019-03-18
County Government Greets the New Year Year Greeting, County ... 2019-03-18
The most exciting Lantern Festival in Taiwan – Light up Nant... 2019-02-26
The painted pig first appeared at “Dudu all come” lantern zo... 2019-02-26
2019 saw the marketing of New Year Flag Raising Ceremony pro... 2019-01-25
About 10 thousand people attended the New Year countdown par... 2019-01-25
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