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Hsiang Yu Shih Sui Tea Expo successfully closed with a recor... 2019-11-15
County Magistrate Lin and former President Ma visited Tea Ex... 2019-11-15
Nantou two firefighters won the international championship, ... 2019-11-15
Nantou Tea Expo grand opening Amazing events non-stop 2019-11-15
The first digital library in the indigenous country in Taiwa... 2019-10-18
Mayor Lin honors 3 winners of the President Educational Awar... 2019-10-18
Taiwan holds the FINA Marathon Swim Marathon World Series fo... 2019-10-18
The 37th Sun Moon Lake Swimming Carnival brought crowds and ... 2019-10-18
4 Nantou Schools Showed Effective Grade C Reductions at the ... 2019-09-17
Congregation of the Nantou County Community Development Fami... 2019-09-17
Nantou has Gone Global – Approval of the Hehuan Mountain Dar... 2019-09-17
City God Inspection – Promotes Road Safety 2019-08-20
Magistrate Lin visits Chenggong Ling to pay tribute to the a... 2019-08-20
In Taiwan Filial Piety Award,Lin Jin-ye of Nantou is honored 2019-08-20
Magistrate Lin Receives 5-star Award in Taipei 2019-07-24
Magistrate Lin Expresses Consolation Onsite for Victims of t... 2019-07-24
Nantou Dark Sky Festival: Embracing Stars in Qingjing 2019-07-24
Nantou’s “Golden” Sightseeing Spots – Public Treasury Earnin... 2019-06-17
County Government Will Launch Helium Balloon Flight – Offeri... 2019-06-17
Showing Appreciation for Mothers’ Selfless Love – County Gov... 2019-06-17
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