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Nantou Senior and Charity Cards can be used on taxi services starting from December 1, August 25 Nantou County Government 2022/9/19
The 40th Sun Moon Lake International Swimming Carnival series events to kick off in September 3, August 25 Nantou County Government 2022/9/19
TCB Supporting Junior Baseball Event concludes, County Magistrate Lin appreciates the Taiwan Cooperative Bank for donating sneakers, August 24 Nantou County Government 2022/9/19
Nantou City Water Recycling Center officially starts operations, August 18 Nantou County Government 2022/9/19
Nantou fully prepared for Wan-an drill, County Magistrate Lin gives affirmation and expresses gratitude, July 26 Nantou County Government 2022/8/18
JOJOZOO PARK Visitor Center opens, over 5,000 people rush in to visit, July 24 Nantou County Government 2022/8/18
Nantou’s first pet park opens in Caotun, County Magistrate Lin congratulates and expects the opening of the Caotun Parent-Child Inclusive Park at year end, July 17 Nantou County Government 2022/8/18
Caotun shooting solved in 21 hours, County Magistrate Lin awards NT$ 100,000 to the police for their painstaking efforts and urges crackdown on illegal firearms, July 15 Nantou County Government 2022/8/18
Registration for the Sun Moon Lake Swimming Carnival begins on July 1 with strictest rules in history, June 27 Nantou County Government 2022/7/15
An ambulance and portable CPR machine donated to Nantou County Government, Director-General Hung expresses gratitude, June 24 Nantou County Government 2022/7/15
County Magistrate Lin shows appreciation to reservists at Chenggongling, June 23 Nantou County Government 2022/7/15
Nantou solves waste problems by building green energy sustainable center, County Magistrate Lin assures that no waste left during transport and no incineration, June 15 Nantou County Government 2022/7/15
Handover of affordable housing in Nantou and Caotun of 921 transfer/sale projects completed, May 30 Nantou County Government 2022/6/16
Nantou County Government improves Lixing Industrial Road with asphalt concrete pavements, May 26 Nantou County Government 2022/6/16
Nearly NT$ 10 million intercepted in fraud cases in Nantou, Nantou County Government rewards financial institution personnel and convenience store clerks for the success in fraud prevention, May 26 Nantou County Government 2022/6/16
Special pipe lines to be used for transporting Zhushan industrial district’s wastewater to the Water Recycle Center, May 13 Nantou County Government 2022/6/16
A series of events of Nantou’s People-oriented Transportation and Education Promotion kick off, April 27 Nantou County Government 2022/5/17
A Control Yuan member visits Nantou for inspection and addresses public complaints at Zhushan Township Office, April 22 Nantou County Government 2022/5/17
Nantou’s Min-An No. 8 drill affirmed by the Ministry of Education, April 18 Nantou County Government 2022/5/17
Ensuring students’ rights, Nantou Junior High School Skills Competition held as scheduled with epidemic prevention measures, April 16 Nantou County Government 2022/5/17
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