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New Year's Eve Countdown in Nantou and Qingjing simultaneously, December 31new Nantou County Government 2022/1/14
“Helping Students to Study” – Giving study grants to 202 students. County Magistrate Lin participates in all 6 sessions, December 27new Nantou County Government 2022/1/14
Thousands gather in the Luluna tribe to celebrate Christmas Eve and light up the tallest Christmas tree in Taiwan, December 24new Nantou County Government 2022/1/14
Chairman Li of Kung Long Batteries donates an ambulance, which will be allocated to the Caotun Branch for ambulance task, December 23new Nantou County Government 2022/1/14
Nantou Hiking Festival “Dragon to Dragon” Relay has hit the road, People are welcome to Hike and get Prizes ,November 22nd Nantou County Government 2021/12/16
Nantou Employment Fair has begun at Caotun, offering 2,000 Job Opportunities ,November 20th Nantou County Government 2021/12/16
Environmental Protection Exchange Meeting, the Central and Local Governments work together to resolve Waste Issues ,November 19th Nantou County Government 2021/12/16
Phase 2 of the Flu Vaccine has begun, the County Government works to safeguard the Health of its Employees and the County Residents ,November 15th Nantou County Government 2021/12/16
The 2021 Nantou Hot Spring Festival-A Feast of Hot Spring, A Journey of Comfort begins, October 28 Nantou County Government 2021/11/16
The very first draw of a prize of NT$ 10,000 to be drawn weekly begins on the 29th. County Magistrate and an Internet celebrity strew “paper money” all over, October 22 Nantou County Government 2021/11/16
Nantou County yields good results in the Yuan Ye Awards with 11 award-winning works, October 20 Nantou County Government 2021/11/16
Nantou County wins two golds in the 2nd Golden Village competition, October 15 Nantou County Government 2021/11/16
The construction of Nantou youth housing begins. County Magistrate Lin plans for a new vision, September 29 Nantou County Government 2021/10/19
County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen goes on site to learn about the status at the first day of BNT vaccination for junior and senior high schools in Nantou County, September 23 Nantou County Government 2021/10/19
The Central Taiwan Regional Governance Platform organized an online forum of 7 cities and counties for the first time. County Magistrate Lin Ming-Chen urges that Taichung MRT to be extended to Nantou, September 23 Nantou County Government 2021/10/19
A success in the “More A Less C” project. County Magistrate Lin commends the schools that get good results in the Junior High Comprehensive Assessment, September 16 Nantou County Government 2021/10/19
Donating tablets to start students’ dreams. Legislator Hsu Shu-Hua launches a charity campaign with enterprises to donate tablets, August 23 Nantou County Government 2021/9/17
Nantou County Government receives positive feedback for helping older adults aged 66 with vaccination registration, August 21 Nantou County Government 2021/9/17
The development of five industrial parks brings great benefit. County Magistrate Lin anticipates good results in the post-pandemic era, August 17 Nantou County Government 2021/9/17
The construction of roads surrounding Zhongliao begins, bringing new opportunities in local development, August 12 Nantou County Government 2021/9/17
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