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Celebrating the Youth Day, 80 outstanding youths from society and schools are awarded, April 9 Nantou County Government 2021/5/17
In response to the water shortage crisis, the county government makes use of underground springs for the public to use, April 8 Nantou County Government 2021/5/17
Puli Junior High School and Chi Nan University win the National Women’s Softball championship, and County Magistrate Lin presents awards and commendations, April 8 Nantou County Government 2021/5/17
The county government obtains a subsidy of more than NTS 10 million for 9 schools in rural areas to purchase physical education equipment, April 1 Nantou County Government 2021/5/17
Nantou County’s 2021 Land-Home Cup Pre-school Football Tournament grandly kicks off on the 13th, March 11 Nantou County Government 2021/4/16
The landscape and environment integration project in which 340 million have been invested is completed, bringing refreshments to Dong pu Hot Spring, March 10 Nantou County Government 2021/4/16
The torch relay of the National Indigenous Game arrives in Nantou on the 10th, March 10 Nantou County Government 2021/4/16
County Magistrate Lin gives full support in creating a light and shadow scenery at Carp Pond for night tours, March 3 Nantou County Government 2021/4/16
Chen brothers and Liu-Li-Kuang-Pu-Ti-Shu in Taipei City kindly and generously donate ambulances to Nantou County, February 5 Nantou County Government 2021/3/16
County magistrate Lin goes to Nantou and Zhongxing Police Bureau to show support to the staff on duty during the February 4 Nantou County Government 2021/3/16
Deputy County magistrate Chen prays for a safe Chinese New Year and praises the implementation of pandemic prevention at the 2021 Shoutian Temple incense offering, February 11 Nantou County Government 2021/3/16
Puli shooting case solved within 4 hours, County magistrate Lin commends meritorious personnel, February 14 Nantou County Government 2021/3/16
Chingjing Association wins the championship of the ‘Contest for Establishing a Tourism Industry Power-saving Demonstration Zone’ by the County Government, January 5 Nantou County Government 2021/2/23
The cantilever Nantou Township 70 Road wins the Golden Quality Award and opens to traffic after widening for disaster prevention, January 5 Nantou County Government 2021/2/23
County Magistrate Lin awards two National Chushan Senior High School students who were admitted to NTU, January 8 Nantou County Government 2021/2/23
County Magistrate Lin presents the awards at the Nantou rural industry results presentation and the Golden Village Competition award ceremony, January 9 Nantou County Government 2021/2/23
Honduras Ambassador visits Nantou to meet and communicate with the county government and county council, December 4 Nantou County Government 2021/1/18
Legend of the White Deer in the Hot Springs Festival, a new image of Dong pu, Nantou County, December 5 Nantou County Government 2021/1/18
Magistrate Lin attends the Qingjiao incense-burning ceremony in Puli and prays for a good harvest in agriculture, December 6 Nantou County Government 2021/1/18
Showing achievements in the year-end press conference, Nantou fights for economic development against the pandemic, December 10 Nantou County Government 2021/1/18
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