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Nantou County wins 33 golds, 20 silvers and 23 bronzes in the National Secondary School Sports Competition, and the total number of gold medals won is ranked sixth in the country, April 22 Nantou County Government 2021/5/17
12 love poems on the Hanbi Trail adds the artistic heritage of Sun Moon Lake, people are welcome to visit and explore, April 22 Nantou County Government 2021/5/17
The drill of surface water rescue and treatment for a large number of injured people conducted at Sun Moon Lake is detailed and realistic, which has been affirmed by the central government, April 13 Nantou County Government 2021/5/17
The Bus No. 17 of Chang Hua Bus extends the route to NKUT, benefiting students and Caotun residents, April 12 Nantou County Government 2021/5/17
The “Seeing the Good Places in Nantou County ─ the 2020 Nantou County Community Planner Residency Counseling Program” achieves outstanding results, March 27 Nantou County Government 2021/4/16
The maintenance project of Ciyu Bing Old Trail in Ren-ai Township is expected to be completed by the end of the month, March 23 Nantou County Government 2021/4/16
The vaccination for COVID-19 begins, Chu Shang Show Chwan Hospital and Puli Branch of Taichung Veterans General Hospital in Nantou County are open for appointment registration, March 22 Nantou County Government 2021/4/16
Nantou makes a triumphant return from the Indigenous Games Junior League Championships, Deputy County Magistrate Chen gives commendations, March 19 Nantou County Government 2021/4/16
Greeting the Gods of Wealth on the fourth day of the Chinese New Year, the County magistrate and the legislator pray for security and wealth for all walks of life, February 15 Nantou County Government 2021/3/16
The 2021 Nantou Lantern Festival lights up brightly, County magistrate Lin appreciates businesses for sponsoring and wishes the pandemic to be over, February 19 Nantou County Government 2021/3/16
Eating peach-shaped rice cakes symbolizing safety, County magistrate Lin kicks off the unveiling ceremony, February 26 Nantou County Government 2021/3/16
The Zinan Temple ‘Chih Ting Chiu, Chih Ping An’ event keeps in line with pandemic prevention, 80,000 people receive Ting Chiu meal kits, February 27 Nantou County Government 2021/3/16
The Sinyi Plum Blossoms in Snow event starts on the 10th, January 10 Nantou County Government 2021/2/23
Enjoying the lights without getting out the car, the Lantern Festival Golden Tunnel Brightly presented, January 16 Nantou County Government 2021/2/23
County Magistrate Lin announces the postponement of the Nantou Lantern Festival, January 20 Nantou County Government 2021/2/23
The 2020 Year-end Charity Event by Nantou Lantian Academy Charity Association reaches out for 179 low-income households in Nantou County, January 26 Nantou County Government 2021/2/23
Xinyi Plum Blossoms in Snow event kicks off excitingly, Magistrate Lin makes DIY pickles with 500 people, December 20 Nantou County Government 2021/1/18
Nantou Township 76-1 Road connects to Fusing Farm and officially opens on the 21st, December 21 Nantou County Government 2021/1/18
Nantou County Government safeguards cultural assets and residents' rights and interests while carrying out the Zhongxing New Village Revitalization Project, December 25 Nantou County Government 2021/1/18
The ‘2021 Love in Nantou, Starlight Shines’ New Year's Eve Celebration live streams on the Internet and Cable TV, December 31 Nantou County Government 2021/1/18
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