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Tongliang Fire Dragon show is followed by the Lion Dance per... 2018-04-16
In the opening ceremony of the main lantern zone in Nantou L... 2018-03-14
The Premier held a public forum in the country side, expecti... 2018-03-14
The inauguration ceremony of Nantou County Scenic Area Admin... 2018-02-13
Gorgeous Samba in Fun Puli has grandly taken place 2018-01-15
The project of building the Caotun Water Resources Center wi... 2018-01-15
Nantou debt reduction ranks 4th in the country, new budget o... 2017-12-15
Nantou hot spring season weekend debut, Internet Celebrities... 2017-12-15
Successful conclusion to the Nantou Global Tea Expo – The nu... 2017-11-15
County Magistrate Lin visits Jiji Station after the renovati... 2017-11-15
The Latest CommonWealth Survey of Public Satisfaction with L... 2017-10-26
Zhushan will Hold the Comprehensive Jiao Festival in the Vil... 2017-10-26
County Mayor Lin visits the green field site of the Science ... 2017-09-18
County Mayor Lin Endeavors to Repair Lixing Industrial Road ... 2017-09-18
Yuen Meng Company’s charity act – Donated a service car to t... 2017-08-11
The biggest Vietnamese visitors group came 2017-08-11
The First after the Six Capitals – Nantou County Government ... 2017-08-09
Zhuo-an Choir of Min He Junior High School won the triple ch... 2017-08-09
The groundbreaking of the Fuxing Farm Hotel Construction Pro... 2017-08-09
Never Stop – Cycling with County Mayor Lin and Former Presid... 2017-06-22
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