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Assisting Students of Yuchih to Go to School at Ease County Government Gave Out Relief Fund June 15 Nantou County Government 2020/7/16
Magistrate Welcomed Visitors in Person in the Opening of Shuanglong Rainbow Suspension Bridge along with Live and Rolling Tribe Tourism Carnival June 20 Nantou County Government 2020/7/16
Deputy Magistrate Chen Awarded Girls’ Soccer Team of Suili Elementary School for Winning National Champion June 22 Nantou County Government 2020/7/16
“Protect Our Lungs From Pollution Protect the Blue Sky” Magistrate Lin Ming-zhen Went to Taichung Power Plant to Support Hunger Strike June 30 Nantou County Government 2020/7/16
Hiking to Fight the Epidemic! Magistrate Lin Led Directors to “Hanlong Trail” and Encourages Citizens to Go Outdoors May 13 Nantou County Government 2020/6/19
Residents Expect the Opening of Shuang Long Suspension Bridge to Spur Local Development–Magistrate Lin Respects Decisions Made by the Tribe May 19 Nantou County Government 2020/6/19
Industry–Government–Academy Cooperation to Unveil the First Soccer Training & Development Center of Taiwan May 22 Nantou County Government 2020/6/19
Xinfeng and Zhongzheng Baseball Team Made It into the Final 8 – Magistrate Lin Met Them and Praised Their Great Performance May 25 Nantou County Government 2020/6/19
Relief and Just-In-Time Work Project, Nantou county government conducted interviews for the first 37 job vacancies, April 20 Nantou County Government 2020/5/20
Writing a new chapter, Nantou youth baseball won the TOTO Cup championship and advanced to the world championship, April 23 Nantou County Government 2020/5/20
Maximize regional prevention efforts, mayors of four cities and counties in central region signed the Declaration on Epidemic Prevention Cooperation, April 23 Nantou County Government 2020/5/20
Celebrating the International Workers' Day, Nantou county government awarded 95 model laborers, April 30 Nantou County Government 2020/5/20
Nantou County Government Invests NT$15 Million in the Environment and Facility Construction of Heya Recreation Area of Lugu Township (Mar. 18) Nantou County Government 2020/4/22
Infection Prevention is First Priority – Opening of Shuang Long Suspension Bridge will be Postponed (Mar. 23) Nantou County Government 2020/4/22
Nantou Firefly Season is Here! 4 Major Firefly Hotspots Welcome Distinguished Guests! (Mar. 24) Nantou County Government 2020/4/22
Hundred DIY Plum Making Activities Available at Plum Festival Awaiting Your Experience (Mar. 26) Nantou County Government 2020/4/22
Spring at Sun-Link-Sea: the flower season was wonderful. Magistrate Lin advised people to take a break in the outdoor venue to relieve the stress of disease control (Feb. 12) Nantou County Government 2020/3/17
The groundbreaking ceremony of the NT$300 million landscape-shaping project was held. Dongpu hot spring zone will shine with its new look soon (Feb. 18) Nantou County Government 2020/3/17
On the first day of the school term, Magistrate Lin takes school children’s temperature and taught them correct handwashing procedures (Feb. 25) Nantou County Government 2020/3/17
Deep forest breaths for disease prevention – Hiking in Nantou. Magistrate Lin invited people to visit Nantou (Feb. 25) Nantou County Government 2020/3/17
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