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Theme Date
National folklore entertainment gala launched in Nantou, wit... 2015-10-19
The County Government designed an intelligent wristband to p... 2015-09-15
Launching the Balanced Urban-rural Development Construction ... 2015-09-15
Magistrate Lin watched the Jurassic World with the county go... 2015-08-19
The trial operation of Zhongliao Skywalk Hung Hsiu-chu ascen... 2015-08-19
Application for National Health Insurance Cards begins on Ju... 2015-07-20
Minjiang Township Household Registration Office “Government ... 2015-07-20
Joymain International (Nanjing) Tour Group visited Nantou br... 2015-06-09
Magistrate Premium Tea evaluation ended perfectly. High qual... 2015-06-09
Institute for Information Industry briefed on the 4G subsidi... 2015-05-21
Magistrate Lin accompanies Director-General David Hsieh of t... 2015-05-21
Sharing ding wine Zi Nan Temple on the 16th in the first lun... 2015-05-05
Magistrate Lin and the Director of Promotion of Private Part... 2015-05-05
The first home run for social welfare this year—The county g... 2015-03-30
Magistrate Lin on his administration visions: Corruption fre... 2015-03-30
Magistrate Lin inspected the irrigation system at Chishui ar... 2015-02-12
Magistrate Lin attended the year-end charity and free medica... 2015-02-12
Magistrate Lin cheered up 6,600 athletes in Jiji Marathon 2015-01-21
The new county magistrate Lin Ming-chen took his oath of off... 2015-01-21
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