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The County Government provides additional Denture Sponsorship Program to normal families. All applications should be done before March 9th Nantou County Government 2018/4/16
The Premier held a public forum in the country side, expecting the central government to collaborate with the regional government to consolidate Forward-Looking and Long-Term Care 2.0 Nantou County Government 2018/3/14
In the opening ceremony of the main lantern zone in Nantou Lantern Festival, sky lanterns were released and 10 million NTD was donated for the disaster in Hualien Nantou County Government 2018/3/14
The inauguration ceremony of Nantou County Scenic Area Administration – Magistrate Lin expects new developments in the county’s tourism Nantou County Government 2018/2/13
The project of building the Caotun Water Resources Center with the advanced system of biological denitrification and phosphorus removal was completed Nantou County Government 2018/1/15
Gorgeous Samba in Fun Puli has grandly taken place Nantou County Government 2018/1/15
Nantou hot spring season weekend debut, Internet Celebrities invites the public not to miss out Nantou County Government 2017/12/15
Nantou debt reduction ranks 4th in the country, new budget of 2 billion next year are mostly central subsidies Nantou County Government 2017/12/15
County Magistrate Lin visits Jiji Station after the renovation Nantou County Government 2017/11/15
Successful conclusion to the Nantou Global Tea Expo – The number of visitors set an all-time high record Nantou County Government 2017/11/15
Zhushan will Hold the Comprehensive Jiao Festival in the Village for the First Time in 300 Years, The County Government Spent Millions on Improving Old and Rough Roads Nantou County Government 2017/10/26
The Latest CommonWealth Survey of Public Satisfaction with Local Government Shows the County Magistrate Mr. Lin Ranked at 5th in the Whole Country. Nantou County Government 2017/10/26
County Mayor Lin Endeavors to Repair Lixing Industrial Road by Spending NT$50 Million in Advance then Securing Foresight Funds Nantou County Government 2017/9/18
County Mayor Lin visits the green field site of the Science Gallery and Karate Hall at Shiuhkuang Senior High School Nantou County Government 2017/9/18
The biggest Vietnamese visitors group came Nantou County Government 2017/8/11
Yuen Meng Company’s charity act – Donated a service car to the Water Rescue Team in Mingjian Nantou County Government 2017/8/11
The groundbreaking of the Fuxing Farm Hotel Construction Project – The local community expects it to promote regional growth Nantou County Government 2017/8/9
Zhuo-an Choir of Min He Junior High School won the triple championship. Magistrate Lin expects them to glorify Taiwan Nantou County Government 2017/8/9
The First after the Six Capitals – Nantou County Government won the “Outstanding Award” for Enterprise-Establishing by Government Institutions Nantou County Government 2017/8/9
Closing ceremony of the Plum Festival Checheng, Shuili was livily and merry Nantou County Government 2017/6/22
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