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Cingjing Skywalk launched into operation officially. Advance booking has already earned income of more than NT$ 1 million Nantou County Government 2017/6/22
Nantou Sport Tourism Festival was launched. 2000 parents & children joined the lively and happy festival Nantou County Government 2017/6/22
County Mayor Lin Led the Fuxing Farm Development Plan Environmental Impact Summary Pre-Construction Seminar Nantou County Government 2017/5/15
Tung Blossom Festival Begins in Puli, Enjoy Tea, Art and Endless Fun Nantou County Government 2017/5/15
County mayor Lin inspects the progress of the Caotun Water Recycling Center project Nantou County Government 2017/4/17
1,500 participants of the highly popular plum festival make crisp plums unfazed by the rain Nantou County Government 2017/4/17
Giant 7-ton Rice Cake Shared with Worshippers with Blessings for Good Fortune Nantou County Government 2017/3/14
Taichung International Travel Fair Kickoff Vice County mayor Chen Plugs Nantou Businesses Nantou County Government 2017/3/14
The Broadened Nantou Expressway 25 is now open to traffic: 98-year-old grandmother eats sweet glutinous rice balls to celebrate Nantou County Government 2017/2/13
Nantou Lantern Festival to be the first to hold a grand opening with the bonus tour comprised of a lantern festival, the dragon expo and the sandcastle expo during the Chinese New Year Nantou County Government 2017/2/13
Gorgeous Samba Vigorously Comes on Stage in Fun Puli and it Begins with a Flower Carnival in Nantou Nantou County Government 2017/1/19
30,000 People Join the 2017 Nantou Night Countdown Parties: CM Lin Gives Special Thanks to All the Support from his Fellow Countrymen Nantou County Government 2017/1/19
800 Racers Make a Clever Move in Nantou in the 139 Cycling Challenge Race Nantou County Government 2016/12/27
Collaborate for Tourism; Sun Moon Lake Enters into a Treaty of Friendship with Lake Biwa Tourist Boat Association Nantou County Government 2016/12/27
Grand Opening Ceremony of County Sports Competition Begins; CM Lin Encourages Everyone to Do More Exercise Nantou County Government 2016/11/16
President of Steamer Founded in Lake Biwa, Otsu City, Japan Meets the County Government to Talk about a Friendly Amicable Treaty Nantou County Government 2016/11/16
Let the Tribal Residents Find Their Way home; Meiyuan Bridge Officially Launched in Ren'ai Township is Open to Traffic Nantou County Government 2016/10/17
Nantou and City of Ipswich in Australia Become Sister Cities; Hope to Promote Bilateral Economic, Industrial, and Educational Exchanges Nantou County Government 2016/10/17
Reevaluation on Nantou CM Premium Tea: CM Lin Announces the List of Awardees Nantou County Government 2016/9/19
Sun Moon Lake and Lake Hamanako Enter into a Tourism Agreement Nantou County Government 2016/9/19
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