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Theme County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen hosted the groundbreaking ceremonies of the lecture building of Sin Siang Elementary School at Xinyi Township and the quarters of the Tong-fu Junior High School
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-9-7

    The groundbreaking ceremonies of the lecture building at the Sin Siang Elementary School in Xinyi Township and the teachers and students quarters of the Tong-fu Junior High School were held on August 7. County Magistrate Lin Ming-chen attended them both. He expected that when these buildings are finished they will be able to provide the teachers and students a better environment for studying and living so that students can study more attentively. Councilors Shi Ching-shui, Chen Shu-huei, Hsiao Chi-chuan, and Deputy Director General Liu Hsing-wang of NTU Experimental Forest also attended the events.

    County Magistrate Lin expressed that the county government has secured NT$61,275,600 from the Ministry of Education with its carefully made plan. The county government has prepared NT$6,808,400 in self-raised funds to refurbish the lecture building of the Sin Siang Elementary School. It is going to construct a building for practical teaching functions. In the future, it will provide a more comfortable teaching and studying environment for the teachers and students. It will also integrate with local features and resources to promote the school’s education quality together. The teachers and students quarters of Tong-fu Junior High School have been insufficient, and solving this problem had been the school’s first priority. It will help promote the quality of the teachers quarters and motivate them to teach at a school in a remote area. With the construction of a quality learning environment, it encourages them to take care of the needs of each of the children there.

    The Department of Education of the Nantou County Government expressed that according to the plan, Sin Siang Elementary School will have 3 levels, 16 class rooms, 3 toilets, and 6 stairs. In addition to the general classrooms, there will be offices, subject classrooms, a health center, and elevators. The Ministry of Education issued funds in the amount of NT$68,084,000 with a construction period of 420 calendar days, estimated to be completed at the end of 2019.

    The Department of Education also expressed that when County Magistrate Lin inspected the school, he discovered the teachers quarters of the Tong-fu Junior High School were old. And the students dorm, which was a temporary housing built for disaster relief with the support of the Goodwill Charity Association was demolished after completing its mission. It seriously affected the teachers and students accommodation and learning. Therefore, directed by the county magistrate, a plan was proposed for getting government funding. Eventually, it secured the funds of NT$1,0146,611 from the Ministry of Education and NT$6,453,390 self-raised funds from the county government to refurbish a 3-level headquarters building. The contract went through smoothly. After the groundbreaking, it will begin construction. When it is completed, it will provide living spaces for the principal, 15 teachers and 16 students. With a construction period of 360 calendar days, it is estimated to be completed by the end of next September.

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