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Theme A push to build an eco-tourism “Starry Sky Town,” the opening of the Qing Jing Milky Way Festival
Bureau Nantou County Government
Date of Announcement 2018-10-17

    The Qing Jing Milky Way Festival officially opened the evening of September 2nd at Yuan Feng! During the Milky Way Festival that goes until November 10th, there is a free Yuan Feng Milky Way watching activity every Saturday. The limit is 100 per group. The participation of the public is quite enthusiastic. The way to participate is published on the “Nantou Welcome" fan page, where the county government invites tourists to take a rare opportunity to have an Alpine Milky Way Trip.

    The County Magistrate, Lin Ming-chen, and the director of the Qing Jing Tourism Association, Wei Zhen-yu, worked hard for the opening event. In view of the fact that more and more newlyweds came to Hehuanshan (Hehuan Mountain) to photograph their starry wedding pictures, the opening ceremony of the Milky Way Festival also invited wedding photography experts to illustrate the techniques of photographing the Milky Way, with a pair of newlyweds performing a live demonstration.

    The County Magistrate Lin stated that the county government will fully support and turn Yuan Feng into the second Dark Sky Park in Asia after South Korea, moving towards international-level tourist attractions and driving local tourism development further. County Magistrate Lin also welcomed everyone to try out wedding photography under the stars and let the stars bear witness to your love.

    In order to promote the Dark Sky Park project, the merchants in the Qing Jing area also began to receive training in classes. On the 2nd, there were 20 to 30 industry representatives. The county government also asked manufacturers explain for the Dark Sky Park planning. In addition to the hardware equipment, for the plan to be successful, we must rely on the consensus among the businesses in the Qing Jing area. Everyone will work together to reduce the light pollution in the Qing Jing area. The plans currently slated for execution include the overall planning, Yuan Feng Dark Sky improvement planning, the application for IDA international certification, and the Qing Jing Commercial Street Innovation Project, with a total budget of approximately 18.6 million NTD. In addition to obtaining international certification, the Qing Jing Dark Sky Project aims to become the best choice for Asian stargazing and benefit the people of Nantou County.

    Wedding photographer Aileen Chen said that starry sky wedding photography is a field worth looking forward to. Shooting with long exposure, the stars are the most beautiful background. Newlyweds Yang Zi Wei and Chen Yu Xin will be married on November 17, although they just happen to not be able to see the stars due to rain, they are expected to try again on the 3rd.

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